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New Castle, DE is a part of New Castle County. In the early 1600s, the Lenni Lenape people called it the place of the beaver, or in their language “Tomakonck”. It was named again by the Dutch settlers in 1651, Fort Casimir. The sections of what is now New Castle County changed hands quite a bit during the 1600s due to the Anglo-Dutch wars, but in the end, the name New Castle endured.

The battles for this special land did not end there. In addition to the many treaties the various countries had signed with the native people, there were insider issues to be dealt with as well.  After the British had fortified their claim and made it official with many treaties of their own, there was still unrest. The Duke of York transferred his land grant to William Penn, but it was disputed by Lord Baltimore. They battled in the courts, where a  company was hired to survey the land boundaries. Their company was called Mason and Dixon, and the boundary they decided upon was the Mason-Dixon Line.

New Castle is at the northernmost tip of Delaware, and it meets Pennsylvania here. The border is circular, with the radius being twelve miles from the center of New Castle. The dome at the top of the New Castle Courthouse is the center of the circle. The circle crosses the river, and there the banks of the Delaware. On the New Jersey side of the river is the Eastern Boundary.

In fact, the Delaware Memorial Bridge was burdened only by Delaware because the water is on their side. The circle was made by a compass, because Penn’s land was drawn on a map as exactly that circle, the convention of the time was not followed. Most river boundaries are at the mid-line of the river, and the existing line of Maryland was crossed by a portion of the circle.

That crossing was argued for eighty years by the descendants of the Penn’s and the Baltimore’s. The boundary has been revisited in the courts so many times that the Supreme Court had to rule in 1935 that New Jersey and Delaware never bring the matter back to the legal system again. It, however, was brought up again, and again, as recently as 2008 when the Coastal Zone Act was disputed for gas pipeline use by New Jersey. The National Guard was brought out to protect Delaware’s claim.

Hutchinson likes to know the local history of the towns we do our HVAC services in. Our plumbing contractors are part of a local HVAC company that has been providing services in this area since 1948. Your family’s comfort is important, and there is no reason that you should have cold water when it should be hot, or lose pressure when another area of the house is using water. Your family should also have working heating and air conditioning.

Hutchinson’s expert heating and air conditioning contractors are trained with the added quality of seventy years of local family business experience. Each technician also has an additional one hundred hours of required training with every year they work with our company. You can relax knowing that our local contractors are highly qualified to get your home running with the best, and most economical services for your plumbing and other needs.

Our local contractors will give you a written report with every call for one of our plumbing or HVAC services. The report will let you know what services we recommend for the future and what services you have to take care of right away for health, safety and function. It also lets you know all of the costs, up front, with no surprises.

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