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Monroeville, NJ sits in both Elk Township and Pittsgrove Township. It has its own zip code, but its five thousand or so residents live in both Salem and Gloucester Counties. Since the students go to school in Pittsgrove schools, it is generally assumed that it is governed by Salem County. The town of Monroeville is still mainly farmland and dense woodlands today.

At the end of the nineteenth century, this area wanted farm labor and agricultural growth. Jewish charities saw an opportunity for Russians fleeing religious prosecution in Europe to come and start farms. The charities chose New Jersey because of the proximity to established groups in New York and Philadelphia. 

The the first Jewish colony was created to be “Alliance” in 1882, and many settled in Monroeville because of the land prices and nice conditions. They were the first Russians in the area, and most of them were not farmers. They were given a few cows, land and little else, but they made the most of their new home.

A train station came to the area and it was called Monroe Station. It was named for a local religious figure, Reverend Samuel Monroe. There are many references made to the once loved cigar factory and creamery on “Scott’s Corner” as well from that time period. Much of the information known from these small colonial towns like Monroeville was collected from personal bibles and clerk records of home deeds, with letters an notes in heirloom collections.

Today you can visit Monroeville Vineyard & Winery, tour its four acres of vines, and sip one of the 1800 cases of wine it produces per year. While Hutchinson’s plumbers and HVAC contractors don’t frequent the winery as much as we’d like, we do come to provide services for the five thousand residents here.

If someone in Monroeville has a heating or air conditioning emergency they know they can call Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC any time, 24/7 and our local plumbers & expertly better contractors will be at your service! We also make service calls for non- emergencies at our client’s convenience. Any schedule you may have is fine with our heating and air conditioning specialists. In the meantime if you want to check out our website for some do it yourself information, we are happy to oblige.

For example, if you are thinking about working on your attic you may want to know about insulation that can help with your heating and air conditioning efficiency. Insulation comes with different R-values and your home will run with better efficiency if you use the right insulation in the right places. For example, you need an R-38 insulation for your attic to have proper airflow and heat containment.

Vents and window seals are also very important to your HVAC performance. Seals on your doors and windows really matter a lot for your HVAC efficiency. Even if you aren’t having an Energy Star Audit from one of our expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors. You can save a lot of energy and also five percent of your energy bill. Plumbing and boiler tips can be found on this website as well. Check it out, our local services are the best!

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