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Today there are over six hundred thirty thousand residents living in Monmouth County, NJ and all of them can count on Hutchinson’s local HVAC repair and maintenance services.

The people living here know exactly who to call when they need a good plumber or new faucet installation. Your heating and air conditioning services will be done right the first time when you call on Hutchinson. Our contractors are considered expertly better.

Our heating and air conditioning repair experts have seventy years of experience. Our plumbers and HVAC technicians were doing air conditioning and heating installations around the local area since 1948 before most of the population moved here.

We are expertly better at maintenance and heating repair services because we are in our fourth generation of family plumbers and HVAC contractors. Any of our highly trained staff can repair any heating or AC issues you may have, or we can send a great plumber right out for new boiler installation or routine maintenance. Our contractors always show up on time, with courtesy and a smile. If you are in need of Hutchinson’s reliable services, gives us a call or fill out a form to book an appointment with us!

Monmouth County, NJ is a coastal county, at the furthest North that New Jersey’s shoreline reaches. The Lenni Lenape People lived here for more than a few centuries before Henry Hudson sailed his Half Moon ship along Sandy Hook. He may have landed at what is today North Middleton. In 1683, Monmouth County was created in what was then, East Jersey.

It had already been settled by the Dutch, Scottish and other Europeans. One of whom was the wife in the first land-owning couple, Penelope Stout. They came here around 1643 with six other families.

Legend says Penelope was attacked by the indigenous people and survived until age one hundred ten. The Lenni Lenape People were known for their cooperation and help during the early settlements, and this was not in line with their reputation. Other accounts call on another people they called Navesinck Indians, who were feared and thought to be hostile. When their trades went wrong, they retaliated. There was a war with the Dutch and the Navesinck, after the Dutch attacked the camp while the Indians slept and massacred eighty of them, and their children. That war did not keep more settlers from coming through, soon more migrated from Long Island to join the area.

Once Monmouth County was named after Monmouthshire of Wales, it was partitioned into three townships, Middleton, Freehold, and Shrewsbury. There was a treaty with the local tribes where Monmouth was officially bought and fairly paid for. Later when William Penn was praised for doing the same, the leaders in Monmouth took offense. They had done it without looking for notoriety or praise, they had done it for the good of all and for pure relations. Monmouth took pride in this, but they also had gained an ally against the land claim of the Dutch at the time. That treaty ended the dispute with the Dutch.

The battle of Monmouth was another great moment in history in Monmouth County, which is celebrated here to this day. It was a turning point in the creation of this country. It is a part of the towns, parks, and community here in Monmouth County in many ways.

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