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Hutchinson’s has been working with local homes and businesses for generations. Since 1948, to be exact, the Hutchinson brothers started their business with a cigar box full of their savings, $35.00. It was post WWII and they called the business Hutchinson Engineering. They started with plumbing, and any odd job that needed to be done, fixing a window or yard clean up too. They became the local plumbing specialists by 1954 so they edited the name from engineering to plumbing. In less than ten years they were the biggest and best in town, and the plumbing contractors grew into HVAC specialists as the technology grew with them.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing continues to grow each year and we love serving our customer base of over eighty thousand residents and businesses. Most are repeat customers, keeping us going strong for seventy years of trusted local contractors & services. 

Milmay, NJ is a small, unincorporated town known for its farming and sense of community. It is one of the Pineland towns, a global treasure, on a federally protected area. One of the main reasons the Pinelands reserve is so important, is that the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer runs under the land. It is the largest underground water supply of the united states. It is said to be tied to the eco system of the entire globe.

Milmay is also part of Buena Vista Township. Laborers, farmers and casino executives all live and thrive here. It was settled by multiple cultures too, the largest may be the Italian settlers, and Russian populations. The Southern Russian settlers, the Cossacks settled the area now known as New Kuban in 1947.

A man named Alex Corsan fled Russia in the 1930’s and later introduced fifty more families to his land. He purchased the land for twenty dollars an acre in the early 1950’s, the hundreds of acres he bought named the area Kuban, for the land he fled. Roads here are still named for the waterways where they immigrated from. The two Hutchinson brothers started their business during the same time period that they settled here.

Today Milmay and all of Buena Vista Township are a big part of our local business. We enjoy providing services to the over eight thousand residents who live here. There are residents of every culture and religion here, and we have the perfect amount of knowledge of the diversity of HVAC systems in their homes to help them all.

When you need a plumber, give us a call, any time 24/7. We make appointments around your schedule, whatever is easier for you. Hutchinson’s plumbers and our heating and air conditioning contractors like traveling the vast farmlands, cruising around the Pines and different waterways to get to a service call in Milmay. We appreciate the importance of this land, and the waterways here. The headwaters start here of many major rivers, such as the Manumaskin Drainage Basin, the Tuckahoe River and the South River, and are important to wildlife, to industry and to this entire area. The environment here impacts all of us. If you are interested in more of Hutchinson’s environmental impact, check out our Energy Star Audit program. Our heating & air conditioning services can save you money.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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