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Mickelton, NJ is an affluent community located within East Greenwich Township. With a population just under 10,000 residents, this attractive town has a seen an influx of newcomers since 2000, but the history dates back another two hundred years. 

The area was largely settled by Quakers who arrived in the late seventeenth century. By the early 1800’s they were farming and living on lands near Racoon Lake. In 1756, the settlers of East Greenwich began holding worship meetings at the home of Solomon Lippincott and within three years they’d built a small meetinghouse near his home.

The historic buildings of Mickelton, NJ allow you a glimpse of what early life in Gloucester County was like. The Quakers first began meeting in Mickelton in the mid-1730s. In 1799, Samuel Mickel, whose family had immigrated from Ireland in 1682, donated a half acre to the settlers to create a larger meetinghouse, which is still having a weekly worship service held each First Day by Quaker Friends. 

Adjacent to the meeting house is the Little Red Schoolhouse. The Little Red Schoolhouse is an historical attraction that also dates back to the Quakers. Once known as the Upper Greenwich Friends School, the structure was originally built in 1809 and was opened for classes the following year. It served as the only school in the village until 1874.

The school was re-purposed in 1926 for the YMCA’s use. The organization removed all desks and added electricity. In 1941, thanks to Quaker family Amos and Dorothy Peaslee, the building was fully restored and enlarged to include a kitchen and bathroom. Since the remodel the building has served as a community center and is owned by the Mickelton Friends Meeting. The nearby Solomon’s Graveyard has tombstones that date to the late 1700s.

Today Mickelton is a popular neighborhood for those looking for a quiet suburban life. It’s the parent town of East Greenwich, NJ and is conveniently located just thirty minutes east of Philadelphia and just an hour west of the beaches in Atlantic City. Don’t miss a visit to Haines Pork Shop, which opened in the 1860s and still serves the original owner’s traditional pork sausage recipe.

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