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The beautiful town of Medford, NJ is a place Hutchinson loves to take heating and air conditioning calls. Main street shows the history of this place with its gas lights and brick sidewalks, lined with shady trees. We can trace the historical records back to 1670 when Mr. Samuel Coles purchased nine hundred acres from Mr. William Penn. Though the Coles family were well known in Burlington County, not a lot happened in this sleepy town until 1767, when the scattered settlers started coming together and created a small village here.

There was a trail that the Native Americans used often, to go from Burlington to Tuckerton, which was known then as Clamtown. That trail passes through the center of the little village, it was called the Shamong trail and it is where they built a Friends meeting house and Evesham’s first school house. Today our local contractors often take Stokes Road, as it is now called, to handle plumbing emergency services or to fix a leak here. 

Eventually industry took hold of this place and two large furnaces were built. The villagers became known for manufacturing firearms and for a while that was the main industry here. One furnace was named Taunton and the other Etna, the latter blew up in 1773, but Taunton kept going. Taunton was known for making the gunpowder for Washington’s big win in 1777.

After that, the town became a glassworks town, and was known as a “company town” The company housed the workers who grew the community. Once called Upper Evesham, Medford got its name in honor of the city of Medford, MA and was considered a part of Evesham until an Act of the New Jersey State Legislature emancipated it in 1847. The glass making business really boomed when the railroad appeared in Medford in 1869. It kept the town growing and sustained it for a long time.

Now 23,000 people call Medford home. Many of the homes here were built between 1970 and 1990. One of the things we love about Medford is the respect for the environment here. We at Hutchinson’s are specialists in creating energy efficient homes. We are certified by the EPA to do Energy Star inspections and qualify eco-friendly homes for grants and special programs. Ask us about this today!

Medford was created on what is now the border of the National biosphere, the protected Pinelands. The homes here were built with a plan to preserve open spaces, preserve streams and respect woodlands, lakes and nature. The buildings are an eclectic and beautiful mix of log cabins and old Victorian styles. Fifty percent of Medford is reserved for natural spaces and recreation. We feel healthier just coming here, and we install energy saving HVAC systems often.

A great time to be here is during the apple festival or annual quilt & art shows, or you can check out the celebration on Country Mill Day. Kirby’s Mill is an entire complex full of historic sites and is listed in the National Registry of Historic places, as well as listed in New Jersey’s Historic sites. You can tour the Sawyer’s house and old-time blacksmith shop. The Kirby’s Mill ran on water until 1972 when it was finally converted to electricity.

In the same way that Medford’s historical glassworks took care of their community and employees, Hutchinson’s is dedicated to improving the lives of those around us and strives to provide personal and professional service to our customers. Whether your systems are in need of routine plumbing service and maintenance, emergency air conditioning or heating repairs, or an HVAC upgrade, you can trust Hutchinson’s contractors to provide ‘Expertly Better’ local services.

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