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Today Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors take care of much of the plumbing and HVAC needs of the residents in May’s Landing. The people who live here know we are the best choice to call when they need a plumber or have an issue with their heating or air conditioning systems.

Hutchinson’s contractors are highly trained and have seventy years of experience passed onto them when they decide to work with us. Hutch knows the ins and outs of each make and model of air conditioning & heating equipment that we may encounter. We also know the area, providing services since 1948. We have been in these homes, old and new. We see the modern appliances that come with new construction and we have serviced HVAC systems in homes that were built hundreds of years ago. 

When our friendly plumbers arrive, you will be treated with respect and courtesy. We arrive on time at your conveniently set appointment. Our hours work around your schedule. We will listen to your issues and evaluate what is going on. We will check your water heater, your ducts, your insulation and your appliances. We will review any safety concerns for your family right away. You can trust Hutchinson’s award winning local contractor services to get it right the first time, every time you call.

Mays Landing, NJ is a small, unincorporated village located within the Hamilton Township. It is nestled along the Great Egg Harbor River. With its central location to prime tourist destinations, the town is popular with travelers who enjoy one of the many cozy Bed & Breakfast lodgings.

Named for Captain George May who sailed the Great Egg Harbor River in 1740. Sixteen years later, May returned to the area and built a thriving shipyard and trading post. By the mid-1800’s, Mays Landing reached the height of its shipbuilding. During that time, more than two hundred ships were built along the Great Egg Harbor River, with half of them being produced at Mays Landing.

Mays Landing is home to the Balic Winery, the third-oldest active winery in NJ. It’s founder, Savo Balic, a former vine-grower from Montenegro, immigrated to the United States in to fulfill his desire to bring a European accent to the American winemaking scene. The first vineyard was planted in the early 19th century and today the Balic Winery is famous for more than twenty-seven award winning premium and ultra-premium wines.

The community is also home to Weymouth Forge, a supplier of shot and bombs to the US Government during the War of 1812. It was destroyed by a fire in 1862. Shortly after its destruction, the land became the site of two paper Mills which were sold in the late 1890’s. Now only the remains of the paper mills exist, and they are covered in moss and foliage.

The area has since been converted into a park where visitors can view the ruins and take part in walking trails. It is also a popular starting point for canoeing on the Great Egg Harbor River.

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