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Mauricetown, NJ falls within Commercial Township. It has rich architecture and an important maritime history. Mauricetown sits on a U-shaped bend in the Maurice River. The streets are lined with magnificent old Victorian and Georgian houses, mixed with colonial spirit and nautical lifestyles.

As the entire New Jersey area was, this land was occupied by The Lenni Lenape People, prior to settlements by Swedish settlers in 1730. Caesar Hoskins built a log cabin in 1690 that still stands, and he is suspected to be the first settler. By the 1780s a man named Luke Mattox purchased property here and built a boat dock. It came to be called Mattox Landing, and he ran it until 1812. Next, the Compton brothers bought the land for development and gave it the name of Mauricetown. They named it for the river it sat along and attributed it to the Dutch, who called it Maurits.

The newly planned town quickly filled up with sailors and maritime traders. They built a church in 1841 that included a spire, one hundred twenty-five feet tall. The top lit up, and captains could see it from the neck of the river as they turned from the bay. 

The town was very successful, bringing in money and many goods, all adding to the manufacturing and growth of the area. Sea captains built beautiful homes, many of which are still here today. Ninety-nine buildings are included in New Jersey’s National Registry of Historic Places.

Legend says that half of the sea captains that sailed from Mauricetown were never to return. The maritime theme did not flinch at those statistics and the town thrived. Between sixty and reports of up to ninety ships are said to have been manufactured here. That is almost a ship for every current resident or couple in Mauricetown. Today there are approximately one hundred five people residing here, according to the the 2015 census. Each and every one is important to Hutchinson’s Plumbing. We are your local HVAC specialists. Our main aim is to keep you and your family comfortable.

You’ll need an expertly better plumber to deal with these historic homes. We know how they were constructed and the common practices of this area for the time periods. Venting, ductwork, and insulation may be the key to any heating and air conditioning discrepancies you may be facing. Let us help. Our plumbers and contractors are available 24/7 for emergencies, and any time for convenient appointments.

We also will let you know if there are any hazards you need to be aware of, such as asbestos, gas leaks or mold. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern, followed by efficiency. We can go as far as to get your heating and air conditioning certified with an Energy Star Rating. Trust Hutch.

Hutchinson’s contractors have seventy years of collective, 4th generation HVAC experience providing local services to this area. We may already take care of your neighbors heating and air conditioning. Call us with any questions.

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