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Marmora, NJ is a community in Upper Township nestled in Cape May County. Just up the road from Ocean City and all the hustle and bustle that beach town has to offer, lays this little village with a small town feel and friendly residents. People call Marmora the “downtown” of upper township, because of all of the shopping and commerce here. People drive out of their Ocean City resorts to shop at the businesses here.

For many years, Hutchinson’s local plumbing contractors have proudly served the residents of Marmora, NJ providing unmatched skill and exceptional heating and air conditioning services. Whether we are keeping the families of this close-knit community warm in the winter or cool in the summer, Hutchinson works hard to make you happy and comfortable in your home, especially with the record highs and lows we’ve experienced in recent years. 

Marmora was first settled in the 1600’s and documents signed by Queen Anne and King George marked the original purchases of large farms here. They were purchased from a London company who claimed the land. Marmora was built on what was once Willets Farm. Beesleys Point and Marmora were developed together.

Legend tells that Marmora was named for the Marmara Sea in Istanbul, by a local sea captain who had sailed there. Later the post office changed the spelling. With cool breezes and wonderful views, you will find lots of ways to enjoy the beauty of the bay here, including a variety of water sports. A perfect day can be followed by dinner on the deck of the Back Bay Café at the Tuckahoe Inn.

Does your home have adequate insulation for these new temperatures? The highs and lows, as well as storm durations are being sustained for longer, stressing your home’s HVAC systems. The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has an insulation standard of R-38. Very few homes reach that level of efficiency.

Hutchinson’s certified expert HVAC contractors can show you just what needs to be done to be more efficient. You’ll get a full report, of what should be done right away for health and safety reasons, and what can wait. We will also let you know what can be done to improve overall efficiency and earn you state incentives.

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There aren’t many plumbing companies who are certified in Energy Star, and only Hutchinson can say we are among the top three in the nation for completed energy projects. We know the best way to get it done, and save you money, while helping the environment.

A simple change to the vents of a large home can create a shocking savings in energy use and cost. We consider the size and age of your space before we recommend anything. Replacing a boiler that was taxed and not efficient with the same size unit could recreate the same issues in the future.

Let us check things out and see if a bigger unit will actually work for your addition, or if your unit was too big to begin with and you can go smaller to save money. Hutchinson will also always let you know about the most energy efficient and cost-effective choices. Our plumbers and heating & air conditioning specialists provide expert services with a smile.

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