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Manahawkin in a small residential community located within Stafford Township. Its name comes from the native people who lived here before colonization. It is thought to have meant -The land of good corn but later was translated from Lenni Lenape to be closer to – The Fertile land that slopes into the water. The town offers residents highly sought-after waterfront homes on “coves” that lead to the Manahawkin Bay and it contains the only road to the popular beach destinations on Long Beach Island.

Today residents enjoy several water-related activities, but they also can take advantage of the abundance of green space that exists in the area. There are multiple parks along Manahawkin Lake and the town is also nestled along the Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area, one of the few remaining large expanses of salt marsh and woodland coastal habitat in NJ. 

It wasn’t always a peaceful town with great, peaceful residents. That woodland often held fugitives that gathered and moved from the Pinelands. A famous case was that of John Bacon.

When British General, Charles Cornwallis, surrendered in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, it marked the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, but it was not the end of small-scale skirmishes, many of which took place in NJ. For the next two years, skirmishes continued throughout the state between locals with militia who supported American Independents and British loyalists. Local militia began to amass on December 30, 1781, after word Captain John Bacon and other loyalists were savaging the area and were likely to come through Manahawkin.

On the morning of the 31st, the militia had dispersed thinking they were no longer in Bacon’s path, but they left sentinels near the Manahawkin Baptist Church and Randolph’s Tavern. In the wee morning hours, Bacon’s men had made their way from the north and the awaiting sentinels ran to the Tavern to sound the alarm to fellow militiamen. Before the men could return and reorganize, Bacon’s men opened fire. One was killed another, injured. Seeing that the militia was greatly outnumbered, they were forced to retreat, and Bacon’s men continued their violence.

Eventually, Bacon and his men moved out of Manahawkin and were dealt with by other local lawmen, leaving Manahawkin with its legends and folklore to pass along. More than two thousand residents enjoy this gateway community now, and Hutchinson’s Plumbing helps take care of them. Our local heating and air conditioning contractors and plumbers are very familiar with all of the special needs that come with seaside living.

Our HVAC contractors take pride in knowing all of the brand-named appliances that are typical here in New Jersey, as well as some older types that are still in use. We try to keep heating and air conditioning units working efficiently through humidity, salt corrosion and sometimes can prepare homes for unexpected storm damage. Have one of our experienced, highly trained plumbers install a new sump pump or drainage system. Let our local HVAC contractors clean your ductwork and tackle any corrosion before it causes an issue to your comfort. Hutchinson contractors are expertly better.

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