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Malvern, PA is a small borough of three thousand, three hundred residents. It’s a part of the Paoli school system in Chester County. It is also where the Paoli Massacre occurred during the revolutionary battles. There are eight different types of Churches in the small area of this town. Malvern has been written about since 1852 when it was only a five house village, but it wasn’t incorporated until a grand jury voted in 1889.

Malvern sits on the highest point on the Pennsylvania railroad, starting at Philadelphia and ending all the way in Harrisburg. The town sits six hundred feet above sea level. The railroad is what centered the business growth here in the mid-1800s. In the 1860s a mill was built here by the Evans family, David and his nephew William. They used steam to power their flour mill and invented a patent for new ways of processing flour that revolutionized the entire industry, making it easier to feed people everywhere. 

It was David Evans who named the town, after a small place in the Welsh Highlands, possibly because of the elevation. He officially named the train station Malvern, and the town followed. Both David and William’s houses still stand in Malvern and are still being used today.

In 1882 the town’s motto became “Excelsior” and it took a coat of arms, with an eagle spreading its wings. Malvern has always had a steady expansion and continuous progress, and that is something to be proud of.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC contractors are on the same path. Our fourth generation family owned business has had steady growth and progress for seventy years, and Malvern has been a part of that success. We take good care of the heating and air conditioning needs of the residents here.

You can find out more heating and air conditioning tips here on our Hutchbiz website. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our local services. Our expertly better contractors are absolutely knowledgeable on just about every make and model of HVAC equipment. Our plumbing experts have seventy years of collective experience, passed down generation after generation, and built upon every single year.

There is no new technology in use in the local area that Hutchinson isn’t trained on and efficient at. We take pride in making sure every one of our local contractors and plumbers continue their education consistently. We update our knowledge base with more than the required additional training every year to stay the best. Our experts know how to keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

One easy thing you can do to keep your energy bills down and your plumbing and HVAC equipment running efficiently is simply to give your furnace and boiler a tune-up. Regular maintenance services will do wonders for your appliances and for your home’s comfort. One of Hutchinson’s local contractors can provide an inexpensive alternative to having a major emergency break down the road. Call today, we can help 24/7!

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