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We have been providing plumbers and heating services to the local areas for seventy years. Two brothers started Hutchinson’s and since 1948 we have grown into the best HVAC company in South Jersey and are a trusted name throughout NJ and PA. For all of that time, we have built up expertise and knowledge of our area so that our services can be expertly better.

Longport, NJ is a small borough that rests on the southern tip of the Abescon Island. Approximately a half of a square mile in area, the town is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the bay. This coastal community is primarily a residential area with large Victorian homes scattered across the shore and boasts of fishing, surfing, and swimming as its top attractions. 

The area was originally obtained by James Long, an absentee owner, who purchased the land in 1857. During his twenty-five-year ownership of the land, his property increased by more than a mile in length as accumulating sand that had eroded from Atlantic City settled onto the island. Since Long never visited, nor developed the land, he decided to sell the parcel to his friend, M. Simpson McCullough. He was a Philadelphia builder who wanted to turn the area into a seashore resort. He decided on the name Longport to honor his friend.

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Longport is the Historical Society Museum. Founded Michael Cohen, the grand structure is now home to several thousand pictures and artifacts of the town’s history. Hutchinson’s has been a part of Longport’s history and community for many years.

The HVAC needs of each community differ, and you’ll never get a cookie cutter response from Hutchinson. Our plumbers understand the types of plumbing systems that were installed in different areas and are familiar with the makes and models of air conditioning and heating units that were sold here. For Longport, our contractors know the HVAC challenges of living in a mix of a tourist vacation spot and residential resort community.

Today Longport is a popular waterside community. With its attractive beaches and proximity to larger destinations like Atlantic City, many families find themselves renting cottages along the shore. Those visiting or residing in the area are treated to quaint beach shops and delicious fresh seafood or authentic Italian dining. Longport is also a favorite spot for local surfers who migrate to 32nd Street beach to catch the ocean waves.

When you come home from the water’s edge after a long sunny day, you want the comfort of an efficiently running air conditioning system. Hutchinson contractors services will make sure your units are running at their peak efficiency and coolness. We evaluate your ventilation and safety as well. Our heating services will also keep you warm in the winter when the cold ocean winds hit Longport for months at a time.

Give Hutch a call, 24/7 for any emergency. If you smell gas, please call 911 first, and then us. We are available at your convenience for any maintenance, installation or repair call. We work around your work schedule, not the other way around. We also get it right the first time, guaranteed.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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