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Levittown is the definition of modern suburbia. Despite not being an official town, it’s considered a planned community, it is Philadelphia’s largest suburb. Driving through the area, you will see nice homes with well-manicured lawns along the winding lanes. “Levittowners,” as the locals are affectionately called, enjoy this idyllic location just thirty-five minutes north of Philadelphia’s city center.

Built by real estate developing company, Levitt and Sons, they began promoting their newest development in 1951, they claimed it was “the most perfectly planned community in America.” Brothers Bill and Alfred Levitt designed six types of single-family dwellings that were economical in price and could be built in a day. The community was initially targeted to blue-collar workers in Delaware Valley, however, veterans returning from World War II found the location and subsidized housing prices too good to turn down. Levittown considered incorporation in the early 1950s, but some residents were concerned that it would lead to higher taxes. 

Totaling twenty-two square miles and more than seventeen thousand homes, what set Levittown apart from other developments of that era, was it a complete community. Lots had been set aside for community schools, swimming pools, and schools. The community is divided into forty-one neighborhoods that are called “sections,” and are found in parts of four municipalities: Bristol Township, Falls Township, Middletown Township and the Borough of Tullytown.

Levittown residents are served by three separate school districts dependent on which section the student resides in. Those in Middletown attend Neshaminy School District, a Blue-Ribbon award-winning district. Other sections are managed by Bristol Township and Pennsbury School Districts. Levittown has made a name for itself in Philadelphia.

We here at Hutchinson’s plumbing services have also made a name for ourselves as professional HVAC contractors, with “Expertly Better” service. Founded seventy years ago, Hutchinson was considered the largest and most successful plumbing contractor by the mid-1960s. Offering unmatched professional heating and air conditioning services, you can trust that Hutchinson will leave you comfortable and satisfied.

Hutchinson has the official credentials to operate using the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. This is a program run by the department of environmental protection to keep homes running more efficiently and to have them stay green long into the future. You can have a typical inspection during one of Hutchinson’s routine service calls, or you can schedule an energy audit.

This is a “whole system approach”, where we consider all aspects that affect your home energy use. You’ll find hidden opportunities for energy savings and improved air quality in your home. We can recommend entire units to find all of the thermal leaks and prevent any more energy waste, or we can just make your system run more efficiently. Whichever heating and air conditioning system is better for your needs.

Hutchinson Plumbing has been providing superior services to the local area since 1948. Levittown is familiar with our brightly colored vans coming down these well-planned streets. Remember, if you have an HVAC emergency, our expert contractors are available 24/7. We are local, so we will get you repaired and working again in no time.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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