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Leesburg was started by “The brothers Lee” around 1795-1800. John Lee was a shipbuilder. The exact date is not recorded but the local area had been settled for some time before. There was a Methodist community here by 1792, and Swedish settlers prior to that. They built dikes and farmed whatever land they could dry out.

When the Lee brothers built the first shipyard here, they brought with them their reputation from their work in Egg Harbor. Their specialty was making coastal vessels. Another shipyard, the Delaware Bay yard was formed in 1928 and is now called Whibco which does sand mining. Thomas Lee, born in 1780, later went on to serve for New Jersey in the United States House of Representatives in 1833-37. 

Another accomplishment of Leesburg’s early days of 1849 was when a man named William Carlisle erected the Leesburg Windmill. The windmill powered Leesburg, as well as other areas in Cumberland & Cape May counties. The Windmill sat where Allen’s Steel Company is today. Another mentionable building of 1856 was the first schoolhouse in the area and was used for a hundred years. It is now the Maurice River Municipal Building. Later a cannery employed a lot of residents, as well as a fertilizer company and a packing company.

Today Leesburg is a small community which remains unincorporated in Maurice River Township. Though small, the residents here are a hard-working, tight-knit community that Hutchinson’s Plumbing is proud to provide services to. We treat every resident with respect and courtesy. It all starts with a convenient appointment time and a plumbing and HVAC contractor that is expertly better.

Hutchinson’s contractors will keep your heating and air conditioning running efficiently and will keep you comfortable. So, if you need a plumber for the smallest leak or new faucet install, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our plumbers understand the types of HVAC systems that were installed in different areas and are familiar with the makes and models of air conditioning and heating units that were sold here. We also can rate your home for energy efficiency, possibly qualifying you for state incentives. The rating comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Rating Program.

You can sign up for an Energy Star Audit or install a compliant money saving system in your home. This will bring your energy usage down, your comfort level and efficiency up, and save you lots of money while reducing our carbon footprint. We can all do our small part to combat these rising seas. Inquire with us about it today.

We always create a written report for your review prior to starting any work. You will see exactly what we plan to do with your heating and air conditioning systems. We tell you exactly what our services will cost and there will be no surprises. We will also let you know if something can wait until a more convenient time, and what must be taken care of right away. Our expertly better contractors are here for you 24/7!

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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