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The Borough of Jenkintown PA is a Philadelphia suburb located approximately ten miles to the northwest of the city’s center. Around 4,500 residents reside in this charming community that is only.58 square miles in size. Hutchinson’s plumbing contractors are here quite frequently to help these residents with their heating and air conditioning. We enjoy providing our local towns with the best HVAC services to Jenkintown.

Jenkintown was settled by William Jenkin in 1697 but wasn’t incorporated until much later in 1874. Standing still today are artifacts from its earlier development in the form of two 19th century fire companies that still serve the town through an all-volunteer basis. Two other buildings from the town’s heyday are recorded in the National Registry of Historic Places. 

The first is the Jenkintown Library that was formerly known as the Lyceum Building. The second is an Art Deco, former Strawbridge & Clothier Store. Other notable locations are the Salem Baptist Church which hosted Martin Luther King Jr. shortly after his famous March on Washington and the Curtis Hall Arboretum, a 45-acre nature conservatory that also contains a World War II memorial site inside.

Today, Jenkintown, PA features a blend of detached single-family homes and tidy and eclectic storefronts. The city highlights its cultural center and unofficial city center in the form of a renovated classic movie theater built in 1913 called Hiway Theater. It now maintains a classic look but features digital projectors to show modern arthouse and independent movies as well.

Jenkintown has a minor claim to fame as being the setting for the popular autobiographical network television comedy “The Goldbergs”. Interestingly, Jenkintown was the real-life home of the show’s creator Adam Goldberg. Finally, the Philadelphia SEPTA rail service has a convenient stop in Jenkintown, making the city accessible to residents, giving them the option for a quiet suburban lifestyle or quick access to Philadelphia’s nightlife.

Hutchinson’s local contractors are also accessible to Jenkintown’s residents. We offer help people with their plumbing or HVAC emergencies. If it’s three AM and you have a burst pipe, you can’t wait until morning. That is why Hutchinson’s services are available 24/7.

Waking up in the middle of the night freezing or sweating is just awful. You can call us and we can get you fixed up quickly and efficiently. Your family’s comfort and safety is our number one priority. Keeping the heating and air conditioning at proper temperatures can help with allergies, mold growth and a variety of uncomfortable scenarios.

Make sure you reach out for maintenance services too, we can quickly change your filters, check your ductwork, clean vents and alert you of leaks that lead to increased energy bills. Our expertly better contractors can repair a boiler, a leaky faucet or a sump pump in a flash.

Check this website for helpful tips and tricks that you can do for yourself until you decide to call us. They really are helpful. Remember, Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors are here to help you when you need us, and we show up with a smile.

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