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In 1682, Richard Haines and his wife Margaret crossed the ocean from England to what is now New Jersey. They had a baby on the voyage and named him Joseph. Joseph grew up to purchase a village called Long Bridge. It had a long wooden toll bridge that ran over Rancocas creek, on a commonly traveled path called Philadelphia Road.

Hutchinson’s has been traveling roads from Moorestown to Mount Holly too, but only since 1948. We come to Hainesport, NJ to provide you with the best air conditioning, plumbing and heating services that you can get in the South Jersey area. Our HVAC contractors are the best in the field and are continually retrained every year with new technologies and emerging certifications. We like to move forward in keeping the people of Hainesport comfortable, but it is nice to look back at the history of this nice town. Hainesport has come a long way from being famous for a toll bridge. 

During the revolution, troops from both sides made heavy use of this bridge, marching back and forth from NJ to PA. The American side had to burn it down in 1778 to stop the Hessians from crossing, and it was never rebuilt. By 1847, the sixth generation of Haines, Barclay Haines, continued to buy local land here and built a large steamboat and freight port.

Within a year, the town was renamed Haines’ Port, and in 1850 they shortened it to Hainesport. From this port, steamboats carried freight and passengers to and from Philadelphia. The town soon became a hub for water and overland transport along the Rancocas River.

Haines’ steamboat line was a huge success but quickly met its demise by the new railroad that stopped here in 1867. The railroad made way for Hainesport to expand, and the Columbian Ironworks became the major industry and employer in the area until 1930. Today there are over six thousand people here, but not a trace of the wharf or bridge that created the town.

In the same way that Hainesport had made a name for itself as a hub of transport, we here at Hutchinson’s plumbing services have also made a name for ourselves as professional HVAC contractors with “Expertly Better” service. Founded seventy years ago, Hutchinson was considered the largest and most successful plumbing contractor by the mid-1960’s. Offering unmatched professional heating and air conditioning services, you can trust that Hutchinson will leave you comfortable and satisfied.

Do you know your water heater accounts for fifteen percent of a typical homes energy use? That is a lot of energy, so it is important to maintain the peek use and efficiency of your water heater. Hutchinson offers maintenance plans to make sure your filter is clean, and your unit doesn’t leak, and we also offer upgrades to an elite system that will reduce the energy output by up to fifty percent! Call us today and find out more. One of our local and expertly better contractors will give you all of the details.

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