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Glen Mills is an unincorporated community within Concord Township. The area was originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape People before the William Penn land grant in 1681. This residential community sits approximately twenty-five miles west of downtown Philadelphia.

It was originally settled by George Cheyney, a Quaker who the nearby community of Cheyney is named for. The land was later divided and sold off. The name Glen Mills derives from two paper mills built by the Wilcox family, one in 1836 and the other in 1846. The mills specialized in an innovative, patented paper that they sold to the United States government to print bonds and notes. Neither of the mills stands today. 

Nicholas Newlin came to Pennsylvania from Ireland seeking religious and economic opportunities in the winter of 1682. His family settled in Concord Township and in 1704, Nicholas’s son Nathaniel constructed a grist mill known as the Newlin Grist Mill on the west branch of Chester Creek. Until 1941, this mill continued to operate and sell flour products under several different owners.

It now sits in a one hundred sixty-acre park that has been set up by the Nicholas Newlin Foundation and is a place for exploration of both history and environment. The park has become a favorite picnicking spot for many locals. You can enjoy nature at the mill in Glen Mills.

Glen Mills is also home to the Golf Course at Glen Mills. Designed by the famed Bobby Weed, the golf course is connected to the Glenn Mill Schools. The facility is used to train students in golf operations and turf management.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing experts are often coming to Glen Mills to provide HVAC services. Your heating and air conditioning can save you a big percentage of your energy usage and lower utility bills when they run efficiently. Having an HVAC appliance that is too big can waste as much energy as having one run excessively because it’s too small. Hutchinson’s expert local contractors will check your home for potential energy loss, that may save you from needing to change out an expensive heating or air conditioning unit.

Your insulation, ductwork or air leaks could be the whole reason your upstairs is so much colder than the downstairs, or so much hotter on the upper floors in the summer. Our local contractors will check out your systems and appliances to make sure they are safe as well, mold, gas leaks or possible asbestos are all on our services checklist.

We will report all of our findings and recommendations and show you the importance of each item before we start work. Some services will be marked so you are aware that they can wait until a more convenient time for you to budget them. We will also let you know when you need to fix something right away for the health and safety of your family. Hutchinson’s has been a trusted name in plumbing and HVAC for generations because we go the extra mile to keep your family comfortable at affordable prices.

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