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Fortescue is in Downe Township, NJ. It is a tiny village on the Southern Coast of the Delaware Bay, named after Lord Fortescue of England in the 1700s. Fortescue is the “Weakfish capitol of the world”. It also has one of the most endangered historic sites in New Jersey on its shores. 

After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 the town has been in turmoil. The storm eroded the beaches and washed away some homes, businesses and even irreparably damaged a one-hundred-year-old restaurant. The debris and new sand deposits changed the boat navigation and fishing areas, making maneuvering the water difficult for the fisherman, and rerouting wildlife patterns.

The ecosystem here is critical to shorebirds and migratory birds. They depend on the beaches for rest and feeding. Horseshoe crabs and weakfish are critical to the food chain. Unfortunately, the weakfish were overfished and the population is almost gone. 

This is not the first bout of storms for the area. Storms in 1911 devastated beaches and a tidal wave is said to have flooded everything in 1950. New warnings of more storms have caused issues for homeowners here, raising insurance rates and even putting new restrictions on building. You must have your home raised to thirteen feet of elevation to meet the new codes. This puts a strain on residents and business owners here.

Luckily there are some great treasures intact in Fortescue that the storm didn’t hurt. Thousands of wetland and “wild lands” are unspoiled and provide a thriving habitat for wildlife. The area is becoming known for “secret beaches” and tourism is slowly building back up with families trying to escape the hustle and population of other beaches. Hopefully, in time the fish population will recover, and with it, the abundant feeling of the town.

Hutchinson knows the complications of having to restore and rebuild after a disaster. We helped rebuild many local communities after Sandy. Our heating and air conditioning contractors are experts in the new plumbing and HVAC issues homeowners face in compliance with new codes. Let us help you keep up.

We can go as far as to get your heating and air conditioning certified with an Energy Star Rating. We will show up with a smile to install a new state of the art HVAC system to a large corporate building, or to simply change the air filter in your home each month. Trust Hutch.

There is no new technology in use in the local area that Hutchinson isn’t trained on and efficient at. We take pride in making sure every one of our local contractors and plumbers continue their education consistently. We update our knowledge base with more than the required one hundred hours of additional training each of our contractors are required to have while they work with Hutchinson.

Hutchinson’s expert plumbers have provided services in the local area since 1948. You can bet that when you have an emergency, our plumbing experts have the answers to get you running again as quickly as possible. Your family’s comfort is important, and there is no better provider of services for your home.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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