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Folsom is a 1.2 square mile community that is part of Ridley Township. This residential neighborhood is approximately fifteen miles south of Center City Philadelphia and seventeen miles north of Wilmington, Delaware. The Lenni Lenape tribe were the original inhabitants of the area. Making use of the woods and nearby creeks, the set up small villages for hunting and fishing here.

The community was named for Frances Folsom, the wife of President Grover Cleveland. In 1886, the development opened for real estate sales and was ran by the Folsom Land Company, headed by lawyer Henry Sutton and landowner Thomas Task. Sales continued through 1894 when the company went out of business. 

Since Folsom is a small area, it’s easier to get a sense of its history by looking at Ridley Township. In 1644, Swedish settlers arrived, and they were followed by the Dutch eleven years later. John Simcock of Ridley, Cheshire, England purchased nearly three thousand acres of land from William Penn in 1682 and the name was changed from “Amos Land” to Ridley in 1687.

During the Revolutionary War, both the Continental and British armies passed through town. General George Washington marched his troops through town on his way to Delaware to face General William Howe. Continental soldiers camped along the road while Washington spent the night in the home of John McIlvain. British General Cornwallis moved his troops from Philadelphia through Ridley on March 19, 1777, raiding villagers as they passed through. They returned on December 22, to continue their raid.

Today, Folsom is part of the thriving suburbs of Delaware County. Families can take advantage of low housing prices, good schools, all while being close to the shopping, dining, and the cultural activities that Wilmington and Philadelphia offer. Folsom is a comfortable town and a great place to call home. If your home ever has an HVAC or plumbing issue, Folsom residents are best served by calling Hutchinson.

The efficiency of your HVAC system is very important to your family’s comfort as well as to your heating and air conditioning bills. Some things Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors will check on while providing our expertly better services is your attic insulation and air sealing. If your home was built in the 70’s or 80’s or older, we recommend you get a quick audit, you could be losing hundreds of dollars a season, just because you didn’t know you weren’t properly insulated.

Sometimes people just assume they need a bigger heating unit or more powerful air conditioning. It’s very frustrating when you put out a lot of money and it doesn’t help. With proper insulation, ventilation and air sealing you may even downgrade your HVAC to help efficiency in some cases.

Our local contractors will give you a written report with every call for one of our plumbing or HVAC services. The report will let you know what services we recommend for the future and what services you have to take care of right away for health safety and to get you running again. It also lets you know all of the costs, up front, with no surprises.

Hutchinson’s expert heating and air conditioning contractors are trained with the added quality of seventy years of local family business experience. Each technician also has an additional one hundred hours of required training every year they work with our company. You can rest assured knowing that our local contractors are highly qualified to get your home running with the best, and most economical services for your plumbing and other needs.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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