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Flourtown is a town of 5,000 residents inside of Springfield Township, Montgomery County (not to be confused with Springfield in Delaware County). Long before this place was named Flourtown, it was given to Mrs. Penn by her husband William. It was then named “Gulielma Maria Penn’s Manor of Springfield ” in 1681.

It started out as a manor, that became the farming township of Springfield. Mills followed within the next hundred years, as well as lime mining & burning. Wissahickon Creek and feeding streams powered the mills that gave Flourtown it’s mill reputation, compared to Oretown nearby, who took on the personality of the lime and iron mining parts of Springfield township. Flourtown’s Mill Road is said to be named by Edward Farmar who had a gristmill near Stenton Avenue and Green Valley Road. 

During the American Revolution, like many neighboring towns, Springfield township was a resting spot for the armies of both sides. The British and Americans soldiers would occupy Inns in close proximity in the fall and winter of 1777. Three of these were in what is now Flourtown. The armies eventually clashed in a legendary local battle where many men lost their lives. Rumors say they are still buried here.

Some famous Inns still stand here, The Springfield Hotel built near 1811, the Black Horse Inn still survives since 1820, once called “Sampson and the Lion”. Stagecoaches made this a prominent stop, with nine of them carrying two hundred fifty passengers each day. The first elections in 1846 were held here, at then called the Black Horse Hotel in Flourtown, owned by Samuel Rader.

A third Flourtown Inn is the Central Inn. It was once called the Farmer’s and Citizen’s Hotel in 1880, but older claims say it was the very first one built. It was known by many names over the years, such as Wagon and Horses, and Kline’s Tavern. All of these Inns brought more people into the area to stay.

By 1854 the Philadelphia Reading railroad came through, and the town quickly became residential instead of farmland. The farms disappeared through the years, and post World War II the inhabitants tripled. Hutchinson’s plumbing has been a local feature in Flourtown helping these residents since just after we were established in 1948.

Anyone needing heating and air conditioning repairs or in need of a plumber knows to call Hutchinson’s. Our local HVAC services are second to none. When our plumber arrives, you will be greeted with a smile, and treated with courtesy and respect. Our contractors arrive on time, clean and never leave a mess behind.

If your heating or air conditioning is not keeping your home as comfortable as it should, call us right away. It may be a vent, duct adjustment or a filter clog. It may also be something that requires immediate attention for your family’s safety.

Our HVAC and plumbing services always include a safety check. We will let you know about any mold or potential asbestos or gas issues immediately. Our expertly better contractors will get your heating and air conditioning running more efficiently than ever with our maintenance services.

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