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Elkins Park, PA is a part of Cheltenham Township in Montgomery County. The community is known for being prosperous, and having influential residents in a melting pot of groups including Jewish, Korean and Irish heritage. One of the tell tale signs of the community’s affluence is in the architecture.

Horace Trumbauer is a famous architect who worked on the homes of the Widener family and the Elkins family. William Elkins is the namesake of this community, his summer home still stands here and is still in use. Today the one hundred ten room estate of the Widener’s called Lynnwood hall still stands as well, though it is in disrepair and vacant. 

Hutchinson’s Plumbing would love to be a part of any renovations of these grand old estates in Elkins Park. Our expert contractors and plumbers know exactly what they are doing when it comes to older plumbing and HVAC systems. We are able to upgrade the efficiency of these grand old charming spaces without changing any of the charm.

If you are restoring a home or doing a flip, give us a call. Hutchinson’s local services evaluate how all parts of the systems work together, and sometimes a simple edit to the ductwork, insulation and ventilation can make all the difference. Let us take a look at your heating and air conditioning and make the recommendations and adjustments. We are also the perfect company to install a new Energy Star Project for energy savings as well and state incentives.

Elkins Park has other notable architecture, such as the Beth Sholom Synagogue which was designed and built by Franklin Lloyd Wright himself. Another brand name building was created by Mr. Henry Breyer, and now serves as the township building. Even when a building burns down it is turned into something special here.

The high school here had a fire and the location was turned into a public park, where eleven different Eco-systems are maintained and open for observation by residents and students alike. This town boasts twelve schools and a thriving hospital and healthcare network. The neighborhood is beautiful in aesthetics and in the actions of its people.

Hutchinson’s local contractors are highly skilled and courteous people too. Each and every plumber or heating and air conditioning specialist is certified and educated to be an expert with all HVAC brands and plumbing techniques. Our services are kept up to date because every single one of our contractors gets an additional one hundred minimum hours of training every year, on top of our rigorous requirements to wear a Hutchinson uniform. Our HVAC professionals also arrive clean, and never leave a mess behind.

If you have an emergency such as a burst pipe at two AM, call Hutch right away. We will be right there to help get you running smoothly again, 24/7. If you would like a plumber to install a beautiful new faucet or pedestal tub, call today. We do repair work that beats the competition, and comes with a guarantee. We get it done right, the first time and do it all with a smile.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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