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Dividing Creek is in Downe Township, NJ. The Lenni Lenape People lived and made use of this land and wetlands for centuries before it was settled by Europeans. The Unilachtigo Lenape People had the land use perfected for the conservation of natural resources, and for providing optimal farming practices that translated into cultural practices that sustained time.

The Native Americans harvested corn, hay, and native plants, as well as sustainably hunted and fished the land so it would replenish itself. Maps and seasonal cultural practices were quickly adopted by the incoming European settlements if they wanted their crops to yield enough. Some of these people were called the turkey clan, and they passed down the strategy for protection of the turkey eaglets to the nineteenth century. 

The natives called Dividing creek “Half Way” as they used the area for seasonal shellfish harvest, and they planted small plots of corn apart from each other while they fished the season. It marked half way from their permanent camp to the sea.

Accounts of Europeans go back as far as the 1650s, but the land wasn’t re-settled by the Dutch until 1690. By 1730, the Unilachtigo Lenape People had their knowledge of the local plants and fauna incorporated into the newcomer’s practices as well. The first physician arrived to the area that year and during the French war, they treated soldiers with the secret healing arts learned by the Unilachtigo. The native plants here could heal so many illnesses.

Another favorite folklore in Dividing Creek is about nearby Bailytown, though it no longer exists today. They Bailey’s however, made their way to Dividing Creek and some resided here. Bevan Wildlife Management Area is today’s name for Baileytown. Edward Baily bought two hundred acres of land and built his family home in 1790. In 1941, the Bailey’s had multiplied and the family’s descendants still lived there when they were ordered by the US government to get off of their own land.

Dividing creek held an educational event that told the story of “the lost town”. In 1942, the war department forced out every resident and bombed it. Baileytown had turned into an aerial target range. It was completely destroyed, every home and barn was leveled or riddled with huge bullet holes from the repeated aerial attacks.

The farmlands in Dividing Creek and Downe Township used by the Lenape are submerged today under marsh and wetlands, but their stories inspire the rich multi-purpose potential of this land. Later Dividing Creek had many industries, including an iron-works. Today it is known for crabbing and waterside boat rentals. The residents here know who they turn to for their plumbing and HVAC services.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing has been local experts in keeping heating and air conditioning running efficiently since 1948. In an area with a lot of water, there are always issues with keeping your home dry and properly insulated. Our expert contractors can help you with getting your sump pumps installed, plan for proper drainage and we even have a plan for water heater flood protection. This way you can keep your home functioning, even in the event of extreme circumstance.

Hutchinson’s local contractors come to your home with courtesy and respect. Our expertise is built on seventy years of local services and top notch training. We’re not just another company. If you have a heating or air conditioning issue, we are available for appointments or emergency calls 24/7. Whatever your schedule needs, we are ready to help. Your HVAC and plumbing is in good hands with Hutch.

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