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Deal, NJ off Exit 102, was named after the Deale Section of Kent, England. Thomas Whyte got the land patent between 1660 and 1670 so he could settle here and he named it after his birthplace. Some recount the namesake to be another Mr. White in 1798, however a map used by George Washington during the revolution clearly marked Deal as this town.

In 1701 a new road was made, attracting new settlers, and made it attractive for more than farmland. The road became the well used Longbranch-Deal Turnpike. 

By 1703 this tiny shore town was used by pirates, one, in particular, was known to run with Captain Kidd’s crew. His name was Moses Butterworth, and his claim to fame was taking a resident of Deal as a hostage. Mr. Butterworth held the county clerk for three days before escaping from his piracy trial.

By the 1800s Deal had become a seaside resort town. Large estates for the rich and famous were constructed. The town had become well known for a meteorite that fell there in 1829. They named the rock and event “Deal” and the less than one-ounce meteorite made a big newspaper buzz.

In 1898 the borough was incorporated. Soon after big names moved in as neighbors. The owner of Macy’s, Mr. Straus, lived near Mr. Ben Guggenheim in 1900. In a tragic twist of fate, they both died on the Titanic. Marc Twain and others kept the affluence here going, but after the great depression, by 1940, the hype was gone and the values dropped somewhat.

In the 1960s and ’70s, an influx of Jewish home buyers moved into the area from New York. Over one hundred families bought up beachfront homes. By the 1990s that number rose to a thousand. Most of the new Jewish people who live here call themselves Sephardic and are descendants from Syria.

Scandal has been no stranger to the dealings in Deal. Mr. Solomon Dwek was involved in one, where he was an informant about local rabbi’s and politicians accused of money laundering. In 2009, there was gossip about the trafficking of human organs as well. Forty-four people were arrested, including many officials. Regardless of that, the residents here are doing very well today.

Deal is considered one of the wealthiest towns in New Jersey, with the median home price well over 1.6 million dollars. The coffee and pizza shops are buzzing with happy people and the younger folk love to surf. This is a great place to enjoy the beach, the sight of the mansions on the shoreline in the salt air.

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