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Darby, PA is an old town first mentioned in legal deed documents as “Darbytown” in 1698. It sits along the Darby Creek that extends to the Delaware River. It was named for Derby City in Derbyshire England when settled by Quakers in 1654. It is pronounced Darby, and our version spelled it phonetically.

One of its first claims to fame is the Darby Library Company of 1743, comprised of twenty-nine members responsible for purchasing books. They continued to acquire books and enough donations to make them quite respectable but were not able to purchase an actual building until 1876, more than a century after it was started. 

Darby had its own fire company by 1775. Members of the Fire Company had to keep leather buckets handy at all times to bring to a fire and were fined five shillings if they missed a fire. Even if a member died, his family was required to keep the buckets and get them to the men handling the fire. It wasn’t until 1871 that it became a paid fire department with its own buckets.

By 1800 Darby was hailed to contain fifty or sixty houses. It was considered a large village and along with Chester, they were the up and coming villages on “the great road”, only seven miles from Philadelphia. Darby grew enough for borough status in 1853. W.C. Fields was from Darby, born here in 1880 he brought a bit of fame and notoriety to the area.

Another famous man who brought his best to the area was Thomas M. Fitzgerald, who willed his property and funding to build the Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital. His wife May worked with the Catholic Archdiocese and spent over 1.25 million dollars in 1932. May Fitzgerald left it to the church to run the hospital, and they invited “The Sisters of Mercy” to rent and operate the hospital for $1 per year. The sisters provided free care, treating over seven thousand people and bringing 352 new babies into this world without any healthcare required. Darby was a beacon of good will.

Today Darby has over ten thousand residents. Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors often drive past the beautiful BVM church on the way to fix someone’s heating or air conditioning when we get a call for services here. The landscape hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years, and the city is always bustling with life and still has an overall feeling of goodwill.

Our local HVAC contractors and plumbers will provide a written, detailed report before we start working to let you know which services we will do, and the exact cost. We don’t give any surprises. You know everything up front, in writing.

We also do a quick check of things that will help your plumbing and HVAC work better, letting you know which can wait until a later date. We will list the exact things that must be done immediately for your safety and to get you running again, and you decide when the services can fit into your budget. We also will let you know if there are any hazards you need to be aware of, such as asbestos, gas leaks or mold. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern, followed by efficiency.

We can go as far as to get your heating and air conditioning certified with an Energy Star Rating. We will show up with a smile to install a new state of the art HVAC system to a large corporate building, or to change the air filter in your home each month. Trust Hutchinson to be your expertly better plumbers.

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