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Conshohocken, in Montgomery County PA, sits on one square mile on the Schuylkill River’s eastern bank. It was officially incorporated in 1850, and prior to that it was called Matson’s Ford across from Harry’s Ford, named for the river runners at the crossing. American troops crossed here twice in 1777 during the revolutionary war.

Fayette Street was named for General Lafayette, who crossed two thousand troops here in 1778 to escape the British. There is a statue dedicated to Edward Hector who also led a famous escape. He chose this as his home and died here in 1834 in a cabin on the corner of Fayette & Hector Streets, not knowing the townspeople would erect a statue in his honor twenty years after. 

The name Conshohocken could mean Elegant Ground Place, Big Trough Ground Place, Large Bowl Ground Place or Pleasant Valley. It is thought to be named for the bend in the water and the shape of the land here. Regardless, it originated from the Unami people who lived here when the settlers came from William Penn’s sales of land from the Tammany Clan.

Later, a canal was dug that aided in industry by making the Schuylkill navigable for cargo and transportation, as well as for power generation. It quickly became well known for industry starting with Mills. Perhaps the most famous industry being the Alan Wood Iron and Steel Company, or Lee of Conshohocken, known for tire manufacturing. Eventually, the manufacturing hub expanded its roots, leaving “Conshy” to become a beloved residential community for the melting pot of workers it housed. Immigrants had flooded into the area for industrial work from Italy, Ireland, Poland and other European places, and they decided to call it their permanent home.

Whatever industry your family comes from, the comfort you feel when you return home from work is a major priority. That comfort is affected quickly when your heating or air conditioning goes on the blink. When you come in from outside you want it to be warm and cozy in the winter freeze, or cool and refreshing in the heat of the summer. Nothing is worse than unexpectedly waking up freezing in the middle of the night, except for the sound of water pouring from a burst pipe!

Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors are ready and able to help you with your HVAC or plumbing emergency. Our services are available 24/7. Call day or night, and we will be there with respect, courtesy and a smile. Our services always start with a written report, detailing everything you need to get back up and running. We also give you a list of recommendations plus things that you need but may wait until later, when the time is more convenient. Our local contractors will never start work until you have the written report, so you’ll have no surprises, ever.

Hutchinson’s local heating and air conditioning services are also guaranteed. That means we get it done right, the first time. Your HVAC is in the best hands, we have seventy years in the local area, working on homes just like yours. We started this family business four generations ago, adding expertise every year. In fact, we add one hundred hours of HVAC and plumbing training every year, for each and every contractor. That is why we are trusted for your work, and we win awards for our services. Call today!

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