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Clifton Heights was once home to the Lenni Lenape People, the Native American People were also called “The Grandfathers” or “the original men”, and they roamed this tree covered wilderness for thousands of years before the Quakers came. The Quakers made this land their own and lived side by side with the Grandfathers. William Penn said, “they tread softly, and mostly walk with a lofty chin.”

The legends of Clifton, however, include the Lenni Lenape fighting back by the mid 1700’s, which is unusual for most of the folklore from the area. Clifton Heights was subsequently called Tin Kettle Hill. The name came from a literal tin kettle that was placed between Baltimore Avenue and Springfield Road, at the highest point on Oak Avenue. The locals were said to bang the kettle when the “hostile Indians were moving in” to warn the surrounding village. It later became an important landmark and was used to mark many maps and early land surveys, and so the place was nicknamed “The heights”. 

Later during the revolutionary war, similar stories claim the kettle was a watch point for troop movements, and instead of banging, they flashed warnings in the sunlight with the kettle. Tin Kettle Hill is recorded in history, but we don’t quite know for sure which story gave “The Heights” its name. Clifton may have been added in respect to Clifton, Bristol, in England.

By the early 1800’s the area was popular for large lavish estates on sprawling wooded acreage. The Darby Creek here was known for its beauty and natural waterfalls. People came here for scenery and natural beauty. Many wealthy people had homes built up on these hillsides.

The Lindbergh Bridge on Marple Avenue that stretches over the creek was the largest reinforced concrete arch bridge in the County. It was decorated with Parapets and colonial fitted lampposts that were admired far and wide. The bridge was built in 1928 and dedicated to Charles Lindbergh after he flew around the world in 1927. The Lindbergh Bridge is honored in the Library of Congress.

Hutchinson’s local contractors are often in the Clifton Height’s area for plumbing and HVAC work. With a population of well over 6,000 residents, it is hard to imagine the humble beginnings of banging or flashing a tin kettle. Clifton Heights has come very far and Hutchinson’s plumbing, heating and air conditioning specialists have been helping for almost seventy years!

Our local contractors know these homes, and exactly what types of HVAC units we will be dealing with when we arrive. Our team is considered expertly better, not only due to our extensive experience but due to our dedication to continuing to stay up to date with all of the newest brands and with new technology that emerges. Your heating and air conditioning will be running more efficiently, and your home will be more comfortable when you use our services.

All of our local plumbing contractors are experts in the water pressure and special materials that Delaware county homes have. We also have the most trusted and reliable services in the local area. Call us 24/7, we will be there in a flash!

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