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Clarksboro, NJ is an unincorporated village located within the East Greenwich Township. With a population of over just 2,000, this historic community lies on the Mantua Creek and is located within thirty-minutes from Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. The beach resort town of Atlantic City is approximately one hour to the East.

In 1775, merchant Mathew Gill created the Gill Store, trading common goods with those traveling in the area. Gill also ran a distillery at the rear of the building. It is said that farmers used to trade their crop for liquor until it was banned due to a public vote. 

It would not be until the early 19th century when Jeffrey Clark purchased a large area of land for his plantation, that the town would get its name. Although, according to some accounts, the name Clarksboro comes from John Clark, an immigrant from London, who purchased one thousand acres along the Mantua Creek in 1681.

Clarksboro is home to the historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church which was founded in 1770 and it was incorporated in 1835. It was the last of twenty parishes established in NJ before the start of the Revolutionary War. The current church was commissioned in 1845 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

The church is not the only historic landmark in the village. Clarksboro is also home to the Otto-Tonkin House which was home to Col. Bodo Otto, Jr. who was stationed at Valley Forge with General George Washington. Nearby is Saunder’s Field where the “Battle of the Wilderness” took place in May of 1864. The Peaslee Main House, also located within Clarksboro, was the birthplace of Ambassador Amos J. Peaslee, an ambassador to Australia during the Eisenhower administration.

Today, Clarksboro is a quiet, middle-class residential community that has not lost touch with its history. Driving through town you will see several of the old homes and structures that were built decades before, in addition to large, new construction properties. Hutchinson’s local contractors often drive through here when providing HVAC services to the residents. We know both types of homes well, our plumbers installed much of the plumbing in them. With its beautifully landscaped neighborhoods and low crime rate, Clarksboro is a popular community for NJ families and one of our favorite local communities to serve.

Hutchinson keeps the families of Clarksboro comfortable. We provide maintenance services that ensure your safety. Your family is reassured when your appliances and ductwork are clean and working well. Your heating & air conditioning units save you money and keep you more comfortable when they run efficiently.

Our expertly better contractors also check for leaks, mold, or even asbestos while we provide our services. You will find out everything we learned about your homes efficiency, safety and recommended work in our custom reports. Hutchinson’s experts list out every cost to you up front, so you never get a surprise after we start working. We tell you when something can wait for a while too, so you can stick to your budget.

In the cases where you have to have it running again right away, we offer financing, even for our affordable rates. Don’t forget Hutch when you need an expertly better plumber, or heating and air conditioning services. Our HVAC services are the best.

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