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Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Chester County, PA

Hutchinson’s plumbing and HVAC contractors are proud to provide our expertly better services here to the residents of Chester County.

Our heating and AC repair experts have seventy years of experience. This comes from our extended family of experienced plumbers and contractors, plus four generations of the actual Hutchinson family. Our plumbers and HVAC technicians have been working hard since 1948. We are expertly better at our maintenance services and heating repair services.

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Our expertly better staff can repair any heating or air conditioning issues you may have, or we can send a great plumber right out to perform a new boiler installation or do routine maintenance. Hutchinson’s expert AC installations are known for being more efficient and well thought out.

We are trained with the added quality of local family business experience that we know Chester County homes need. Each technician also has an additional one hundred hours of required training for every year they worked with our company. You can rest assured knowing that our local contractors are highly qualified to get your home running with the best, and most economical services for your maintenance, installations and other needs.

We have affordable maintenance schedules that help ensure you have no middle of the night AC or heating surprises. There is nothing worse than waking up freezing when your HVAC breaks down from something preventable. Let our local expert contractors do your maintenance or your next installation and see for yourself why Hutchinson is the most trusted name in HVAC in Chester County. Book an appointment on our website or give us a call now!

Chester County, PA is home to close to a half million people. William Penn created Chester County himself, as one of his original three counties, in 1682. Then, the county stretched from the Susquehanna River to the Delaware River, from Philadelphia to Maryland. This upset New Netherland, where Dutch Quakers had laid claim to some of this land for years prior. They also called a portion “the Welsh Tract”, and tried to keep control of it to ensure the residents would keep the Welsh language. The only thing that lasted from that, was a few proud town names, which we still enjoy today.

Some of the original Chester was later cut into Lancaster County and Berks County.

Naturally, as most planned Counties did, they named the County Seat Chester City. Chester was large and sat on the Eastern water’s edge. It created a center of shipbuilding and trade. Later, the Western part of the county felt that the county seat should be there, and ill will started to erupt between eastern and western parts of the county. A compromise was made and Chester City was to be moved to the center of the county. The East was not going to allow it, so the new County Seat was renamed, West Chester. The eastern section was still disgruntled, and the new West Chester still called itself Turks Head. It separated into its own County, today’s Delaware County, keeping the older Chester City within its bounds.

Revolutionary battles were fought on the County lines, the battles of Brandywine and Valley Forge lost many men from Chester County. Key points in the Underground Railroad were here as well, and major Civil Rights actions occurred here.

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