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Cedarville, NJ is the home to Jersey Legacy Farms, LLC. Started in 2009, this Father-Daughter endeavor doesn’t seem extraordinary but if you look at the history of their land in Cedarville you’ll realize just how interesting it is. The Sheppard brothers moved to South Jersey in 1683 to start a vegetable farm. By 1888 the family business had to expand and they acquired the property on Sayres Neck Road, in Cedarville.

The farm started as one hundred eight acres of property, where forty acres were tillable, and they quickly expanded that to one hundred. They also had a new innovation to work with their horses, they had a tractor, the toast of the town. Today David Sheppard Jr.’s vegetables are all organic and he continues his family’s legacy of three hundred thirty-six years on local land. 

Cumberland County is considered the “Garden Spot of the Garden State. With only about seven hundred seventy-six residents, that leaves a lot of agricultural lands here. The local area of Cedarville was farmland for the Lenni Lenape people as well, long before European settlers arrived. They made small villages near the streams and burned plots of land in controlled fires to create fertile fields. They mixed the timber ash with fish and animal parts and waste to make fertilizer. The Delaware People grew pumpkins, beans, squash, and maize. They even grew melons. This went on sustainably for thousands of years.

When the Swedish settlers came, they continued these traditions and added more crops. The oldest still running farm under continuous ownership here is the Sayre-Howell farm. Joseph Sayre bought two hundred acres in 1697, which is still run by direct relatives today. James Howell is the current generation’s owner-operator.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing has a mutual respect for a family business. We are in our fourth generation of Hutchinson plumbers and HVAC contractors. Our company was started by two brothers in 1948, in nearby Cherry Hill, NJ. Now, seventy years later, we are well known with multi-generational families still calling us for heating and air conditioning services every day.

That is because during that time we have become expertly better, and we continue that momentum each year with an additional hundred hours minimum of training for each of our crew. We know heating and air conditioning services, just like Cedarville knows farming.

You can call any time 24/7 for exceptional HVAC and plumbing services, from local contractors who get it right the first time. Commercial or residential, we do it all and can’t wait to do business with you.

Hutchinson’s expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors have a fleet of brightly colored trucks and vans on the road. We can get to your local area quickly and with the equipment that we need to get the job done. We take pride in keeping families comfortable and getting their home back together, running with better efficiency than ever. We get the HVAC and plumbing issues resolved as quickly as possible, on budget. We always let you know the cost and details of every project in a written report before we start working so that everyone is aware of everything that is happening and there are no surprises.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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