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Burlington City was an important place in NJ, so much that it has been incorporated as a city four times. Though it wasn’t founded until 1677, there is evidence of settlement by Europeans in the area in the early 1600’s until the land was seized back by the English in 1664. The first time it was incorporated was in 1693, and then again by a Royal British charter in 1733. After America won her Independence we officially incorporated Burlington City by the official state of New Jersey in 1784, but it had to be done once again as it grew to enlarge its size in 1851.
In 1676 the land at Burlington City was bought by English settlers, sold by the Lenni-Lenape Native American tribe. The Quakers named it after Bridlington, England. The Lenape people were friends to the new quaker settlements, and you can even visit the grave of Lenape chief King Ockanickon here, where a tablet dates the event at 1691, but no grave marker still exists.

The famous pirate Blackbeard was known to sail the coast line and up the Delaware river. There are whispers and rumors he buried a treasure chest near an old maple tree, perhaps on Burlington Island between 1716 and 1718 when he died. 

Some historical buildings in Burlington City still stand, they include the oldest pharmacy in NJ, as well as the oldest Episcopal church (Old St. Mary’s), and library. One of the founding industries here was shoe making, which in 1850, employed more men than canning or ship building. The Burlington historical society offers tours with talking points, including the deep involvement of Burlington in the abolition movement.

People would stand on the shop corners and rally crowds with speeches supporting the abolition movement, while escaped people hid in tunnels under the crowd in the underground railroad. Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln himself came here and actually arm wrestled with Ulysses S. Grant at the Blue Anchor Inn, near Grant’s home.

Hutchinson has its own history it’s proud to share: we were founded in 1948 as a family business and by the mid-1960s were Haddonfield’s largest and most successful plumbing contractor. We are excited to continue our tradition of offering personal and professional service, whether for routine service and maintenance, emergency repairs, or upgrades to your current systems.

You can trust Hutchinson’s air conditioning services to leave you satisfied. We have a proven track record for being South Jersey’s premiere contractors for heating and air conditioning. Hutchinson’s plumbers are also proud to have been voted “Best in SJ” by the Courier Post for ten years and still going! Our team will bring all of our HVAC experience and know how to your door. Plumbing is our specialty and we are dedicated to having one of our skilled plumbers complete your repair services in the most timely and cost effective way possible.

One of our main goals at Hutchinson is serving our customers to their complete satisfaction. Your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs will be met because of our dedication. Our plumbers aim is to keep our customers satisfied and returning year after year. That is what has kept our extended family contractors in business for seventy years. A reputation must be built, and Hutchinson has a solid “expertly better” reputation that we exceed and strive to keep with every customer. We keep up to date with our HVAC training and consistently develop new ways to keep your systems running at their peak.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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