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Buena, NJ is a small, yet growing borough with a population just over 4,600. Incorporated twice, once in September 1948 (when Hutchinson’s was also started) and then less than a year later in May 1949. That must be why our local contractors like doing service calls here so much, our founding year is the same. Buena received its name from the Battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican-American War. The borough is made of three unincorporated places; Buena, Landisville, and Minolta.

Buena joins other South Jersey communities as homes to a portion of the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve. As one of the nation’s first reserves, it consists of over a million acres of unique ecology that has been classified as a United States Biosphere Reserve. The location has five hundred eighty native species of plants, fifty-four of which are threatened and endangered. It is also home to nearly three hundred species of birds, over ninety species of fish and many reptile and mammal species. 

One of Buena’s main attractions is the Bellview Winery that is located in the Landisville part of the borough. Founder, Jim Quarella, built the winery on the same land that his great-grandfather once farmed. The winery produces eight thousand cases of wine per year and it’s one of just a small number of US wineries that produces wine from dandelions. That wine sounds heavenly.

Buena is also the home of St. Padre Pio Shrine, an outdoor Roman Catholic shrine. Local Italian-American farmers, Pete and Marie D’Andrea came up with the idea in 1997 and the monument was designed by local architect, Ron Angelo. The stucco structure contains statues of Padre Pio, the Blessed Mother, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and it hosts prayer sessions every Wednesday evening. Praying there must be beautiful, but sometimes you can get help without divine intervention.

For example, when your plumbing breaks, and there is water spraying all over, you can call Hutchinson’s local expert plumbers or heating and air conditioning contractors. We will come out day or night, seven days a week. We are always there for you.

Hutchinson contractors will create a Service Repair Guide for you, so that everything we do is transparent from the beginning. This will be created for any HVAC work. You will be aware of all cost up front and have no guesswork. We explain in detail, any plumbing services, heating services, or air conditioning services that we will be doing. We will also let you know what can wait, and about how long you can safely wait for the next repair.

This repair guide is great when you have an emergency repair service done for your HVAC system. There are some things that you just don’t want any surprises from. Many of our repair warranties are good for up to a full year, so you will know that our 100% satisfaction guarantee means the job is done correctly, the first time.

You’ll not only know what services cost, but you’ll know what services are needed right way and what can wait. We know how to get the job done in the most economical way. Our courteous local technicians are always looking out for your bottom line. That is how we remained in business for seventy years. Trust Hutch. We have the best plumbers in the business!

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