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When our contractors finish up an HVAC repair or a plumbing job in beautiful Browns Mills, NJ, they might head over to Silver lake. This lake is known for the biting bass and black water fishing. We also might drive our Hutchinson air conditioning van extra slow to soak in the views of lakeshore drive. 

This area was always known for its healing waters and springs even before 1861 when it was first publicly advertised. During the mid-19th century, it was hailed for its medicinal purposes, and it served as a luxury retreat for city dwellers who were attracted to the clean water of its streams and its healthy forest air.

Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills, once the largest cranberry farm in New Jersey, spans 3,000 acres of blueberry fields and cranberry bogs. You can still see the beauty of its sugar sand roads, Pine Barren forests and its reservoirs. It is an important part of NJ history and contributes to the beauty of this region.
Through the years people passed through Browns Mills on their way to the NJ shore from Trenton and beyond. A man named Abraham Brown first offered 1770’s travelers with weary horses a room for rent and the area became known by his hospitality. It was a peaceful retreat.

In 1869 to 1872 Brown Mills became scandalous when James Fisk and his then girlfriend Josephine Mansfield, a divorced actress, made this their favorite vacation spot. Fisk relaxed here without a care in the world while the country, at the end of Grant’s presidency, recoiled from “Black Friday”. He had created that dark day. 

Fisk and his former wall street associate caused a market crash in 1869 by buying up a large percentage of the circulating gold in the country, causing the price to skyrocket. American currency and trade value was conversely affected, and the government had to sell off some of the greenback’s gold standard to right the market. By then American farmers crops were devalued by over fifty percent and businesses all over the country suffered greatly.

Fisk never had to spend a day in jail and his flashy girlfriend rose to local fame. Browns Mills was shocked that they chose their sleepy town for their celebrations. The scandal didn’t end there. Oddly enough, one of Fisk’s associates who was also seeking attention from Ms. Mansfield shot Fisk, killing him in 1872.

Unlike Fisk, we at Hutchinson are known for being fair and honest. Of course, we always back our work up with a 100% guarantee! The eleven thousand plus residents here today can feel safe and secure, that when one of our local heating contractors leaves your house you know we did it correctly, the first time. In addition, we guarantee our services for a full year, so you can relax with the knowledge that the issue will not recur once our team has left.

You can rely on Hutchinson for HVAC maintenance, installations, upgrades and repairs around the clock. You comfort is important to us, and we’ll send our qualified, well trained technicians to you 24/7! Call us now so we can take care of your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services!

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