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Bordentown is a fabulous mix of modem living and historical preservation. It has a fascinating past, and we at Hutchinson’s love doing business here. We provide the best HVAC and plumbing services possible. This town was named for Joseph Borden in an act of self-boasting. He called it Borden’s Towne, because he owned it, although he was not the first known settler here.

That was Thomas Farnsworth. He built a river landing that was in a great location for a stop during river travel way back in 1682. The spot is at a river bend about forty-five miles from Philadelphia and about seventy-five from New York. Borden started a line of stage coaches and he made a pier for boats that traveled the river path. The spot became well used and popular, especially during the revolutionary war.

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Bordentown was often occupied by British rule and was also occupied by paid Hessian soldiers. They kept a stronghold here to aid the fort at Trenton and reinforce the river’s occupation. In December of 1776, before George Washington made his famous river crossing, these Hessian’s were lured downstream to what is now Mount Holly, to fight in smaller battles.

They stayed there after the battles, placing them too far away to aid Trenton against Washington, and that possibly won the war. Had they been in local Bordentown they could have been there quickly. The British forces later returned, destroyed & burned this town, twice.

Many patriots and interesting people called Bordentown home. Francis Hopkinson lived here, and he signed the Declaration of Independence. Clara Barton lived here. She founded the American Red Cross and the first free public school in the country. Another first for the country came later when the first steam engine “John Bull” was assembled here and used on these Bordentown, NJ train tracks.

Joseph Bonaparte built himself a mansion on a bluff in Bordentown called “Point Breeze” complete with a tunnel system in case he had to flee.  He was well liked here but originally came in secret under the alias Count De Survilliers. That was after being exiled from his kingdoms of Spain and Naples. He got the nickname “the GOOD Mr. Bonaparte” so he wouldn’t be confused with his brother in France. He threw parties for presidents here.

Another noteworthy resident was Thomas Paine, he considered himself as a citizen of the world in his philosophy, but Bordentown is the only place he ever purchased a home. It is on Church Street, and our Hutchinson vans drive right past there on our way to do plumbing or ac services for the current residents here. Thomas Paine said “I had rather see my horse Button in his own stable or eating the grass of Bordentown…..than see all the pomp and show of Europe”. Hutchinson’s heating and ac contractors feel the same way about or home here in South Jersey. That’s why you should call us for your HVAC needs.

Our plumbers are expertly better and qualified to install new plumbing or fix the existing system. Whether you have a clogged sink or would like a new tankless water heater installation, Hutchinson is the right choice. Plumbing has been our local family business since 1948, and we will continue to serve this great area for as long as we continue to provide the best quality work. We are also the best HVAC contractors around. Don’t call a fly by night company for your ac, call someone who stands by their jobs and continuously improves our services. Call Hutchinson’s heating contractors.

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