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Berwyn, PA has had a claim to fame for having been called many names through the years. The current name was taken in 1877, though it never incorporated on its own. It is a part of Tredyffrin Township, where most of its history lies.

In 1862, Welsh Quakers traveled from England after bargaining with William Penn for land. They bought forty thousand acres at ten cents each, with the idea that they could create a “Baronship” or a small sector of Welsh-speaking culture among the new world. They named their purchase ‘The Welsh Tract”.

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Tredyffrin means “a town in a wide cultivated valley”, in Welsh. (Town=Tre, dyffryn=valley) The earliest roads and the railway in Tredyffrin passed today’s Berwyn, then called Reeseville.

The Reese family lived there and they were Welsh, and there was also a mountain range in Wales that bordered two counties that it may have been named for, or maybe it was a combination of the two. Glassley and Gaysville were honorable mentions for the name of this town, and of course, it was called Cocheltown at one point, possibly derived from the Leni Lenape People’s language who first lived here.

It was finally named during a centennial celebration, Berwyn after Berwyn Hills, in Meionetshire, Wales. One of the oldest businesses in this area, and in Berwyn is Fritz’s Lumberyard, a family business for over one hundred fifty years. Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC is a family business with its own story so these types of trivia are very interesting.

In 1863, a carpenter named Henry Fritz and his wife, Mary, in then Reeseville started a lumber business. In 1856 the yard gained notoriety after President Lincoln died. His body was in transport on a train passing through Reeseville, and it stopped for the night. The body is said to have lain in ice at the lumber yard.


In a few years time, Fritz died, leaving his wife and two sons. The business was cared for by Mary’s brother. When their eldest son grew up, he took over the business.

He was a successful man and the business thrived until his death in 1938. He left it to his own son William. In an odd twist, the same story seemed to happen all over again. William passed away three years later leaving two young sons. His wife ran the business until his son came of age, and he took it over after the war in 1856. His plan was to continue the trend and leave it to his son. Unfortunately, in 2016, William Howard Fritz IV retired, and his son Kyle had no interest in keeping the business.

Our family business has been taking care of the people in Berwyn for close to seventy years now too. Our team of family and expertly better HVAC contractors ensure the comfort of Tredyffrin residents every day. If you have any issues with your current heating or air conditioning system, or if you need a new one we are more than qualified for the task.

Our local contractors win awards each year for their impeccable services. Our team has been repairing heating and air conditioning systems in all types of homes in the local area since 1948, and we have earned a reputation that continues to get us repeat business every year.

Hutchinson’s plumbing experts can handle any emergency services, day or night. Call 24/7, and HVAC specialist will be right to the rescue!

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