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Bensalem is the largest township in Bucks County and borders the northeast section of Philadelphia. This beautiful and multicultural community is known for shopping and entertainment. Established in 1692, Bensalem was originally settled by the Dutch, English, and Swedes as a farming community.
Like other areas in the region, the Society of Friends was an important part of early settlers’ lives. The town, named after the Semitic term for peace, was known as Salem until 1701 when “Ben” was added. While there’s no consensus on how the name new name came about, it is rumored that it stemmed from when the Growden Mansion was renamed “Manor of Bensalem” and the land around the manor became associated with the name.

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During the Revolutionary War, the famous Red Lion Inn that was located on the now Bristol Pike played host to John Adams, Samuel Adams and a host of other esteemed colonial figures. In August 1774 during dinner, in the war itself, the Inn was a favorite for high ranking officials as a meeting spot to negotiate the exchange of prisoners of war.

Bensalem today is a far cry from its rural roots. While primarily residential, the town is home to the Neshaminy Mall, Penn Community Bank Amphitheater, The Philadelphia Gun Club and the popular Parx Casino and Racing. Parx is the largest casino gaming and horse racing venue in PA. The town also has some Hollywood connections. In 2002, local director M. Night Shyamalan used a warehouse on State Road for interior shots for the film “Signs”, starring Mel Gibson. The 2012 film, “Safe”, featuring Jason Statham was filmed at Parx Casino and Racing establishment. Hutchinson’s local plumbers and expert contractors always have a good time working in Bensalem. We aren’t as famous as Mel or Jason, but we are locally famous in our own right for our heating and air conditioning services.

Our local HVAC contractors are specially trained to audit your entire home, from the ductwork and roofing to the appliances and water heater. We’ll let you know everything you can change to make your home more efficient, or we can create a new plan to make it an Energy Star Rated Home from the inside out.


Hutchinson has expert contractors that provide the best HVAC services available. Hutchinson’s appointments are all scheduled around your schedule, not ours. We make life more convenient for you because that is the way it should be. Your family’s schedule can get hectic, so we will accommodate it. We will send an expert plumber any time day or night.

If you do have a heating or air conditioning emergency, our services are available 24/7. When we arrive, we will give you a report, in writing, of every cost and procedure we plan to do. No surprises. You’ll get a full report of what should be done right away for health and safety reasons, and what can wait. Our heating and air conditioning professionals provide service with a smile, are on time, and clean up when we’re finished. Our contractors never leave a mess behind us. Efficiency is so much more comfortable for you and your family. With Hutchinson’s services, you can relax when you come home, with no HVAC issues.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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