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Beach Haven, NJ was first noticed by Europeans as early as 1609 when Captain Henrik Hudson passed it by on his ship the Half Moon. It wasn’t used much at all until after 1776, and that was by farmers to water their cattle in the freshwater bogs. It did, however, gain the nickname “Long Beach” already. By 1850 when Ocean County was named, not much had changed except a man named Thomas Bond opened a hotel he named The Long Beach House.

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The Long Beach House attracted duck hunters and sports fisherman to the island and soon it became attractive to some wealthy Philadelphians. Archelaus Pharo led a pack of investors to develop the Tuckerton and Long Beach Building, with plans to develop an entire beach resort community for the rich and famous. To do this he brought in his railroad, the Tuckerton Railroad, which created a link to stations that served the big cities.

Pharo used the rails to bring building supplies and purchased himself six hundred sixty-six acres of the island for two hundred forty-three dollars. His railroad filled the Long Beach House, so Thomas Bond made no fuss about his soon to be competition. Eventually, Bond’s area of the island was to be Holgate, and Pharo’s would be Beach Haven. By 1874 Pharo’s hotel was complete and they called it the Parry House after Charles Perry, a major investor. Another major hotel sprung up quickly after, The Engleside, by Charles Engle.

In 1881 the Parry House burned down and was quickly replaced by Baldwin Hotel. By 1890 Beach Haven was officially established as a borough. They built a boardwalk between the bathhouses of each hotel in 1896, and the area became a successful playground of the rich and famous, always booked solid.

Later, mother nature would take its course, and with her storms, the new inlet was formed, and the Southern branch of the railroad was put out of commission. The Engleside closed down and was demolished for back taxes. A storm in 1944 destroyed the boardwalk, many houses, and did damage to the area. That halted much of the tourism for a while and new growth. Troops soon were stationed on the island instead of the wealthy, and entertainment venues like museums and the Surflight Theater began opening up, and small cottages were built.PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

A fire took The Baldwin in 1960 and the era of the Great hotels came to an end in Beach Haven. New construction comes on stilts to bear the storms. Luckily these storms saved the charm of Beach Haven from being overdeveloped and overpopulated. Today the beaches are pristine and are guarded. Dining, culture and water sports keep residents and tourists pouring in to enjoy it.

If one of Hutchinson’s local heating and air conditioning contractors isn’t here fixing someone’s HVAC, we may stop in for Chowderfest anyway. This is a fun place and the residents here have come to depend on Hutch’s services to keep them comfortable and running efficiently. Our plumbers are the best in the business, and we know more about heating and air conditioning than most.

We have been in business since 1948, and our local plumbers are knowledgeable in all of the systems and water requirements here. Hutchinson has a reputation for being expertly better at heating and air conditioning than other contractors. Our HVAC services have seventy years of confidence and always come with a smile.

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