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Atlantic City, NJ is a resort community that stretches from the Absecon Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. A.C.’s popular boardwalk is lined with luxury high rise casinos and nightclubs which host a bevy of events from concerts to high profile boxing matches. Hutchinson loves coming out for service calls, as well as a night out on the town. Our local contractors have fun after a day of hard work too!

Don’t worry, we will take your calls day or night. We have many local contractors who will be on call for your HVAC or plumbing needs 24/7. You can always have an expert there in a flash to repair your heating or air conditioning. Any non-emergency issues are always scheduled at your convenience. We know some of the employee schedules for the resort industry are not typical. That is no problem with Hutchinson. We schedule our services around your time frame, not ours. We will always show up on time, be courteous, and work clean.

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Incorporated in 1854, Atlantic City was viewed as prime real estate for a resort town. The Belloe House was the first commercial hotel built in the city in 1853 and the first boardwalk was built in 1870. It was often used as a health retreat for the city folk. With the city being serviced by the Camden and Atlantic Railroad, by 1874 nearly half a million passengers were visiting the city by train. As Atlantic City quickly became an East Coast destination, a building boom began with new railroads and landmarks. Soon this would be known as “The World’s Playground.”

At Atlantic City’s peak, federal prohibition laws were put into effect. Since tourism was key to Atlantic City’s success, city officials understood the need for a vice industry to keep the city competitive with other destinations. Prohibition was largely unenforced, drinking and gambling quickly moved into back rooms at nightclubs and restaurants. The popular HBO drama, Boardwalk Empire, was a loose take on the New Jersey political boss and racketeer, Enoch Lewis “Nucky” Johnson. Johnson permitted alcohol service, gambling, and prostitution to city leaders in exchange for the protection of his empire.

During the mid to late 20th century, Atlantic City saw a massive decline. The area surrounding the city saw a major economic change that had a direct effect on the resort community. In order to revitalize the resort city, they legalized gambling in 1974. Atlantic City is the only place in New Jersey where casino gambling is legal.


This attracted tourists, vacationers and gamblers from all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and surrounding states. It also opened the city to international fame and tourism. While many believed that the measure failed to improve the economy, it was boxer Mike Tyson who held most of his 1980’s fights in Atlantic City, that helped regain its spot as a popular tourist destination. The famous Miss America pageant started in 1921, sprouting boardwalk parades and fame that was televised all over the nation also helped increase A.C.’s fame.

The birthplace of saltwater taffy has recently become a popular shopping and dining destination with upscale shops, upscale brand outlets, and restaurants throughout the casino hotels. Also known as one of the top convention cities around, many businesses make this a travel hub. It is a city of notoriety so tied to fame and fortune, that the game of Monopoly was inspired here, and made a household name across the country at every age. Several films and television shows have been filmed in Atlantic City as well.

First a quiet health resort town that grew into a busy tourist city, Atlantic City evolved with the needs of its residents. Hutchinson has been helping the plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs of its residents for many years. Our family of contractors started providing our expert local HVAC services in 1948.

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