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Allentown, NJ is not the one mentioned in the Billy Joel song, but it certainly is song-worthy. The Lenape Unami People who lived here before European settlers marked their territory with a wild turkey symbol and their totem was a turtle. Indian Run Creek was named because of their village lining the water. Before they lived there were many more Native American people, with artifacts tracing back two thousand five hundred years. There were more at Doctors Creek, and the early people were called “Crosswicks” because of the crossing of the waterways, which eventually named the watershed.

As early as 1683 this place was settled by Quakers and other Europeans. A road connecting Philadelphia and New York ran through here, and this is where the road cleared the dense Pine Barrens. It also started adjacent routes to the shore and West Jersey, making it a perfect place for commerce.

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One Scottish Quaker named Robert Burnett got a “patent” for four thousand acres here in 1690. He gave it to his daughters, one of which married a man named Nathan Allen. Allen bought more land here by 1706 and by 1749 the place was marked on maps as Allen’s Town. It would be almost fifty years later that maps started to call it Allentown.

Allen built his first grist mill in 1713, it ran for two hundred fifty years until 1963. Many new industries started up and the town grew. By the time of the Revolution, there was an ongoing fight for the river rights. Many battles occurred here, one being called “the battle of Allentown”. You can still find the graves of men from both sides of the war in the cemeteries, though British soldiers were confined to the Presbyterian Church grounds.


There are over two hundred twenty-five homes included in the historic district. Most are still in use today. There were many underground railroad stops made here prior to the Civil War, with many escaping slaves staying in the Congressman George Middleton’s home. Though this was home to a lot of State history, the official borough was not formed until 1889. In 2002 it was named the village center, a designation that helps protect historic areas.

Today, Allentown is a beautiful town full of history, open spaces, natural resources, and wildlife. It is considered a very walkable town, and all times of the year you can come to enjoy a walking tour of the village. It is proud of being a part of one of the best school districts in Upper Freehold. When Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC contractors take the quick trip up the local turnpike, we recognize this place right away.

Our plumbing contractors are considered expertly better, not only because of their extreme training but because they bring a collective seventy years of family business experience to your door. If you are in an old historic place, no worries, we have worked on all types of heating and air conditioning systems. We can get the job done right, and we do it our first time we provide services. Guaranteed.

Hutchinson is the first call that Allentown residents make when they have an HVAC issue. Our heating and air conditioning services are the best in the area. Give us a try, we are ready to help 247.

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