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Montgomery County, PA was partitioned from the vastness of the original Philadelphia County in 1784. All of the land here, and in all of Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn in the 1680’s. He and his family were tasked with creating the sections, counties and towns. Many boroughs were planned from the start with detailed engineering, but some just naturally happened. Montgomery County was named for a well-loved general who fought in the Revolutionary war, Richard Montgomery.

Today Montgomery county is called home by 826,000 people. This ever-increasing number shows the love for the area. You can find it on the map, just northwest of Philadelphia. Norristown is the county seat of Montco, its local nickname.

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Montgomery County is also home to the famous “Main Line”, a segment of the Pennsylvania Railroad built in the mid-1800’s. That route brought major players from the business world of Philadelphia to vacation, invest, and settle down among the beauty. Its vicinity to the city made it popular and convenient, the names who chose to live in this area gave it notoriety and it quickly became one of the most affluent counties in the nation. It continues to rank highly today.
Each small section and borough has its own unique story to tell. They hold stories of industry, growth and luxurious architecture. Montgomery County became a melting pot of old wealth, new wealth and migrant workers settling into their forever homes. It is also a central hub of many major religions who built the area, with the Catholic Seminary, Palmer Seminary, Friends Central School, all training their leaders.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing is proud to be a part of this community in the many installation, repair and maintenance services we bring to it. For seventy years, this family heating and air conditioning business has grown with Montgomery County and the surrounding area. Our expertly better plumbers and service contractors are on call 24/7 and are ready to come help your family for a repair emergency or for a maintenance call at your convenience.


Heating and air conditioning is more than a big appliance. It is a major part of the comfort your home offers. Proper installation of the right unit that fits your home is imperative for your systems to work efficiently. Ductwork, insulation, home design, vents and power are all part of the equation for your HVAC systems. They require systematic maintenance and expert knowledge.

That is why Hutchinson’s has such a strict requirement of training and testing of HVAC knowledge for every local service technician we hire. Beyond our initial required certifications, we continue each plumber and each contractor’s education with over one hundred hours of additional training, for each year of service. That way every plumber or air conditioning repairman is able to complete your job swiftly and with no surprises. Your heating will never be as efficient as when you get a Hutchinson installation.

Call today or buzz around this website and explore the maintenance plans we offer, financing options, Energy Star Auditing and more. We are your local HVAC experts. Hutchinson isn’t just who you call for the best plumber around, we are who you trust to repair your home and family’s comfort.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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