3 Tips to Help Keep Cool If Your Air Conditioner Breaks

The days are getting longer, the temperature is going up, and your family’s air conditioner just broke, what can you do to keep your family cool?  Here are a few “Expertly Better” Tips which won’t cost anything! Close and turn-off everything! If your air conditioner just broke, your home should still be relatively cool with low humidity. The […]

4 Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Bills in the Spring

If you are searching for ways to keep your energy bills low throughout the spring, there a variety of things you can do. In fact, here are four tips to keep in mind when it gets warm enough to keep your windows open, and the ducks are flying overhead! Schedule a spring checkup for your […]

3 Signs That Indicate It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner

Sometimes, being a homeowner isn’t as fun as it sounds. Once you are over the excitement you felt on move in day, unpacked all of your belongings, arranged your photographs, and celebrated the first special event or holiday—real life starts to set it. In fact, nothing breaks that “I’m on top of the world!” feeling […]

3 Energy-saving Tips to Help You Save Money in the Summer

According to Energy.gov, nearly 50% of your energy bill comes from your cooling and heating system. What’s more, most people will see the biggest spike during the summer because they have their air conditioner running 24/7. While there are many ways to save money in the winter—such as adjusting your thermostat and using extra blankets […]