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Why Thermostat Placement Matters

Why Thermostat Placement Matters

Your thermostat placement is vital to getting an accurate reading of the temperatures in your home so that your AC can turn off and on accordingly. If it’s located in a place where the readings aren’t accurate, you’ll be dealing with efficiency issues, which is why placement matters. Here’s why!

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Importance of Thermostat Placement

If the temperatures aren’t accurately read, your air conditioner will either run too much or not enough. In either case, you will not be able to maintain optimum temperatures in your house. Moreover, an air conditioner that runs more than needed will result in higher energy bills.

If your home is always hot despite the thermostat temperature being lower or if the home is too cold when the temperature is set higher, then it could mean that your thermostat isn’t placed properly.

Where To Avoid Thermostat Placement

If you are planning on installing a new thermostat, you need to avoid a few places. It’s also best to enlist the services of an AC service professional that can help you identify the most advantageous position in your house for the best results. Some places to avoid thermostat placement include:

De-Centralized Areas

If you place the thermostat in a location that is far from the center, there is a good chance of inaccurate readings. The center of your home is always the best place to get the most accurate reading.

Areas With Too Much Draft or Close to Air Vents

If you place your thermostat near external windows and doors, drafts from outside will fool your thermostat into thinking your home is cooler than it is. Similarly, stay away from air vents because cool air from ACs or hot air from heaters can also impact the thermostat reading.

Sunny Areas

Areas that receive more sunlight than others may be naturally warmer, once again tricking your thermostat into thinking the house is warmer than it is and making your air conditioner run longer than it should. This ultimately raises your energy bills and speeds up air conditioner deterioration.

Close to Warm Appliances

Ovens and stovetops can also trick the thermostat into thinking the house is warmer than usual. This can throw your entire HVAC system off gear, which is why it is important to place the thermostat in a room without any appliances.

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