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Should You Repair or Replace Your Toilet?


The toilet is one of your most important plumbing fixtures, and one that you depend on every day and night, making its functionality all the more important. When you start running into certain toilet troubles, you may wonder whether another repair will do the trick or whether it’s time to cave and install a new fixture. But how do you decide? Let Hutchinson, Philadelphia’s top emergency plumbers, help you decide.

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You Should Consider Repairing Your Toilet When …

  • It’s gotten too old: Not even your toilet can elude old age. Just like all of your other plumbing fixtures, toilets, especially their inner workings, can experience wear and tear from everyday use. Eventually, there comes a time when your toilet is simply too old to be as efficient as it was when you first installed it. That’s when you’ll know it’s time for a replacement.
  • The tank gets damaged: Although porcelain is one of the most durable building materials available, it, too, has its breaking point. Whether the bolts were fastened too tightly or you dropped something heavy on the tank, there’s no coming back from a crack in the foundation. With time, the water will start leaking and wearing away at the crack, causing you even more problems in the long run. If you notice that your tank is damaged, do the smart thing and replace your toilet as soon as possible!
  • You pay for frequent repairs: Do you have your plumber’s number on speed dial because your toilet keeps breaking down at the worst possible time? One day the flush valve is broken, and the next, you find that the tank is leaking. It’s frustrating beyond all belief, not to mention seriously expensive. When your toilet gets to the point of needing frequent repairs, our recommendation is to look for a replacement instead. It’s much more cost-effective to get a brand new, water-saving toilet installed than to replace your old fixture piece by piece.
  • It’s constantly clogging: Every toilet gets clogged now and again, forcing you to dig out the old plunger and become your own plumber. It’s when your toilet clogs frequently that you should think about repairing this issue once and for all. Our plumbing experts will concur the next time they’re performing your drain cleaning or repairs.
  • You want a new look: When it comes to your bathroom, appearance matters! You don’t want any part of your bathroom, toilet or otherwise, to be left behind while your home gets renovated with brand new features. Bring a modern look to your bathroom by installing a new toilet, preferably one that’s eco-friendly as well as functional.

Now that you know which damages require repairs versus replacements, what’s in store for your toilet? Whatever you need, you can count on the Hutchinson team for first-class plumbing repairs from Philadelphia to Ocean County, and everywhere in between. Just contact us today to experience expertly better services for yourself!