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Signs That You Need a Heater Repair or Replacement


Home heaters usually operate without much trouble after professional installations, but, like any other appliance, consistent use, age, and external factors can cause your heater to malfunction or fail entirely. As you know, New Jersey winters can get cold, and when your heater is on the fritz, it can lead to chilly nights, frozen pipes, and indoor air quality issues. At Hutchinson, we have professionals ready to perform residential heating repair services throughout Monmouth County and surrounding areas. Although we have the skills and expertise to handle any heater problem, we also want you to be on the lookout for symptoms of heater problems.

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Once you realize something is not right, the sooner we can address the issue, and the less expensive the repairs are likely to be. With that in mind, here are a few of the more common red flags for your heating system.

Red Flags for Your Heater

Inconsistent Heating
If one room is heating up more than another, there could be an issue with your heater’s blower fan or heating power or both. Unfortunately, this is an issue that gets ignored by many homeowners, especially when the colder rooms in the house are not used as often. The age of the heater can also cause this problem — it may just be time for a replacement. If you notice uneven heating in your home, it is best to bring us in for a thorough system inspection.

Sounds in the Ducts
Most furnaces and heat pumps use a series of ducts to circulate warm air throughout the home as noiselessly as possible. So, if you hear strange noises, including grinding, booming, clicking, and other mechanical sounds that seem out-of-place or disruptive, it is best to bring in the heating experts for a repair or replacement service.

Heater Switches “On” Too Often
Heaters frequently run a 15-minute heating cycle to bring up the temperature of the house to the determined setting on the thermostat. If you hear your heater switching on four or more times in one hour, it may be short-cycling. In this scenario, the heater gets stuck in the start cycle and turns off before it reaches the set temperature. The heating professionals at Hutchinson can help diagnose this issue and make the appropriate adjustments.

Increased Utility Bills
This red flag is a bit obvious, but it should get addressed nevertheless. If your heating bill has skyrocketed, your heater is not working efficiently. Check the air filter and replace it if it is clogged up as it can interrupt the airflow and cause the heater to work harder and longer to heat the house. Many mechanical problems could also cause a higher utility bill, so we recommend bringing in the professionals to take care of the issue once and for all!

What to Expect from a Heating Service by Hutchinson your heater is acting up or has ceased to warm your home, it’s an emergency heating repair that our Monmouth County team can handle with no problem. Contact us today!