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Boiler Problems to Be on the Lookout For


It’s impossible to survive a harsh winter without a properly functioning heating system. Most homeowners who perform routine care and maintenance on their boilers usually have nothing to worry about come wintertime. However, boiler problems can sneak up even on the most diligent caretakers. To ensure your home isn’t left without heat, keep an eye out for these common boiler problems. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your heater, contact a Hutchinson professional for emergency heating repairs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Common Concerns:

Loud Noises: Loud noises are the most common sign that a boiler is malfunctioning. Your boiler should provide a steady background hum that’s relaxing rather than disturbing loud noises. Different noises signal different problems, which can range from kettling to mechanical failure.

Kettling: Kettling occurs when water starts boiling in the heat exchanger. Many homeowners believe boilers actually boil water, when in fact, they simply heat it before distributing it throughout the household. If your boiler starts kettling, you’ll notice a deep rumbling sound emanate from your boiler. This issue should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent a major appliance breakdown.

Cold Radiator: Damaged radiators won’t be warming any rooms this winter season. Your first step should always be to check radiators in different rooms; this way, you can determine if the problem is concentrated in one area or if it’s originating from the boiler. If only one radiator feels cold to the touch, determine whether it’s cold at the top or at the bottom. A radiator that’s only cold at the top needs to be bled to remove air bubbles, whereas a radiator that’s only cold at the bottom needs professional experts to safely remove the sludge buildup.

Pressure Loss: Low boiler pressure won’t cause your heater to suddenly break down, but it can have a negative effect on its efficiency and performance. Boilers are programmed to function at standard operating pressure, which is marked by a green bar on the pressure gauge. If the needle falls below the green zone, your boiler is experiencing problems maintaining correct pressure.

Leakage: Boilers that leak from the top are usually small issues caused by worn down internal mechanisms and require nothing more than a quick fix. In contrast, boilers that leak from the bottom are a dead giveaway that serious problems have emerged. In this scenario, a boiler replacement may be the only suitable solution.

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