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That “Sink”ing Feeling: Advice for Retrieving Valuable Items that Fall Down the Drain


One of the “pro tips” we always give our customers is not to leave valuables, such as wedding rings, fancy earrings, or other priceless jewelry, near the sink in the kitchen or bathroom where those items can accidentally fall in the drain. We actually tell people not to keep any small items in that area. However, we’ve all been in a position where we’re busy or distracted and we forget, maybe get a little careless!

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It’s OK! If you do happen to experience the sinking feeling of watching a valuable item slip down your drain, it’s not the end of the world. Stop, breathe, and follow these tips.

Stop Running the Water — You want the item to stay where it is, not force it farther down into the plumbing system.

Locate the P-Trap Under the Sink — The “P” trap is the curved part of the pipes directly beneath the sink drain, as shown in the picture.

Find the Access Plug for the P-Trap — Unless your pipes are on the older side, there should be a removable plug on the P-Trap that allows you to drain the water. Don’t pull it out yet!

Put a Bucket Under the P-Trap — Now, it’s okay to take the next step.

Pull Out the Access Plug — Water will flow into the bucket, hopefully carrying your valuable item out of the P-Trap along with it. What was lost is now found!

Put the Plug Back Where it Belongs — Now, you can try running the water again to make sure the pipes under the sink don’t leak.

If this process is a success, then you can resume life as normal, remembering never to leave those valuables in a precarious spot near the sink ever again! However, if you’re unable to locate an access plug on your P-Trap or you can’t find your item in the bucket once you’ve flushed out the drain, it’s time to call our New Jersey plumbing experts for help.

In fact, you can save yourself time and trouble and contact Hutchinson immediately if you lose something precious in a sink drain. Watch this quick slideshow video to see what we mean.

Accidents are a part of life, and when they happen in your plumbing system, it’s good to know the leading plumbing company in Gloucester County, NJ, and the surrounding region is just a phone call or a few clicks away. Contact us today to schedule plumbing service.