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Repair or Replace Your HVAC System


It’s happening again. You’ve started hearing strange noises coming from your system, you’re smelling unusual odors, and you’re experiencing inconsistent heating or cooling in your home. This isn’t the first time, and it’s surely not the last. Your HVAC system has a lifespan just like every other appliance in your home, but when is it time to completely replace it versus having another repair? Below are some questions that Hutchinson, the leading heater repair company in Burlington County, NJ, recommends asking yourself when you’re having a replace or repair dilemma.

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How Old Is My System? Take the age of your system into consideration. Most air conditioners and heat pump systems have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years, and furnaces last a bit longer at 15 to 20 years. If your equipment is older than that, you may want to consider getting a replacement. If it’s a newer system, repairs are the best option.

How Many Repairs Has It Had Recently? If your unit has had more than two or three major repairs in the past year or so, it’s time for a replacement. Add up the cost of the repairs you’ve already paid for and imagine the repairs you’ll most likely need to have in the near future with an older system. It is most likely more cost-effective to purchase a new system than keep repairing the old one.

Is The HVAC Technology Outdated? Just like everything else, the technology within HVAC units gets changed all the time. Newer systems have more energy efficient features that your older unit does not have.

Is My System Environmentally-Friendly? Homeowners may be surprised to know that their HVAC systems account for about 50 percent of their homes’ energy use. By upgrading to new ENERGY STAR® appliances, this ensures your unit meets federal standards for energy efficiency and keeps your carbon footprint low!

If you’re still unsure if your system needs a repair or replacement, a professional will be able to give you the best advice moving forward to keep your home comfortable and safe. Homeowners in need of a heater repair company in Camden County, NJ, are encouraged to call the specialists here at Hutchinson. We proudly offer heating, cooling, plumbing, and air quality services to the greater South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Call 866-953-8728 to schedule your appointment today!