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3 Tips on How to Retrieve a Ring (or Another Valuable Item) From Down the Sink


We’ve all been there before in our bathroom. We’re brushing our teeth and washing our face when all of a sudden the ring that you placed next to the faucet slides down the curve of the sink and disappears into the abyss.

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You are likely panicking at this point, scolding yourself for being so clumsy, pacing back and forth wondering how you can rescue your precious ring. Your first thought may be to take a sledgehammer to the sink. However, there are much better ways to approach this situation.

Here are three helpful hints from South Jersey’s number on HVAC service company, that will have you reunited with your valuable jewelry item in no time.

Try a Clothes Hanger

Your ring or earring may be closer to the top of the drain than you think. Before you start taking apart the entire sink, remove the drain catch, shine a flashlight, and see if you can locate the lost item. If the lost item is metal, you may want to consider tying a small, but strong magnet to a string and lowering it down the pipe.

Disassemble the P-Trap

So, you weren’t able to locate your lost piece of jewelry by removing the drain catch. The next step is to disassemble the P-Trap that is under the sink. Doing this will allow you to empty the contents that are inside to find your item.

It’d be helpful if you knew what a P-Trap was, right? If you look under your sink, you will find a bent pipe that is responsible for maintaining the water seal. Before you start unscrewing anything, make sure the water is turned off and you have gloves on because this could get very messy.

Call Your Local Plumber

If you weren’t able to locate the lost piece of jewelry, at this point your best bet is to call a local plumber or New Jersey HVAC service company. While you wait for the service technician to arrive, hold tight and do not use the sink. Turning on the sink may wash the lost item away into your water system which would be almost impossible to recover.

If you find yourself in a plumbing situation like the one above, give Hutchinson a call and one of our friendly technicians will be right over.