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8 Furnace Problems to Watch Out for This Fall


With the kids heading back to school and talks of pumpkin spice and football once again becoming the norm, it’s time to finally acknowledge that summer is over and fall is upon us. Even though we still might get a glimpse or two of summer weather, now is the time to make sure your home’s heating system is ready for the fall and winter ahead.

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As one of the premier heating companies in New Jersey, Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services helps homeowners across the state prepare their heating systems for the season with thorough, 10-Point Heater Check-Ups to identify any signs of damage and ensure the home is running as efficiently as possible.

As South Jersey’s experts in home heating repairs, the technicians at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services have seen it all. In this blog, we’ll give you eight common furnace problems you should look out for when turning on your equipment this fall so you can avoid equipment breakdowns and keep your system running efficiently all winter.

  1. Dirty Air Filters can limit airflow and efficiency while overworking your equipment as it struggles to push air through the filter.
  2. A Frayed or Slipped Blower Belt will often give a high-pitched squeal, especially when the equipment first turns on.
  3. A Cracked Heat Exchanger can typically be avoided with routine maintenance.
  4. Worn Ball Bearings make a scraping sound and should be inspected by a professional immediately.
  5. Short-Cycling happens for a number of reasons, which a technician can identify, ranging from a clogged filter to a bad thermostat setting.
  6. Limit-Switch Problems can lead your furnace to blow continually.
  7. A Flickering or Yellow Pilot Light may indicate excess carbon monoxide in a gas furnace, which can be a serious health concern.
  8. A Malfunctioning Thermostat can lead to improper and inefficient cooling, as well as future equipment problems with the fan or motor especially.

Before the cold weather arrives, we suggest scheduling your annual heater check-up with the friendly and expert technicians at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services. Call us today at 866-953-8728 or schedule an appointment online to prepare your heating system for the fall and winter ahead.