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How To Keep The Second Floor Of Your Home Cool


Have you noticed that the second floor of your home is much hotter in comparison to the rest of your home? You’re not the only one. This is a common occurrence for many home homeowners across our region during the summertime and it can be quite frustrating.

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Below, you’ll get a better idea of what could be causing you to experience this imbalance of cool air throughout your entire home.

Poor Ductwork

If your home uses ductwork to carry air conditioning from one room to another, leaks, uncleanliness, or ductwork that is too large can all have an affect on how cool the upstairs gets.

Ineffective HVAC System

Depending on how many rooms are in your home, this could have an affect on how cool things get on the second floor. However, if your HVAC system is older and has been ineffective in recent years, it may not have the capability to produce the required amount of cool air for your home.

Insufficient Insulation

Believe it or not, your roofing system can play a part in how hot the second floor of your home can get. Your roof absorbs heat which is then easily transferred to the attic and into the second floor. Without sufficient insulation in your home, it’s that much easier for heat to escape into the second floor and make temperatures uncomfortable.

There are some solutions you can try at home without the assistance of our technicians. This includes:

Changing Your Filter

It’s recommended that you change out your HVAC filter every few months to help improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. When dirt builds up in your filter, it slows down the airflow of your air conditioning.

Turn Thermostat to “On”

If your thermostat is set to “Auto” try turning it to the “On” position instead. Doing this allows the HVAC system’s blower to run constantly helping to evenly distribute air through the home. This also helps to save on energy.

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