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3 Signs You Need to Call a Duct Cleaning Company


Did you just move into a new house? Do you notice an increase in allergy symptoms or an excessive amount of dust? If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to contact your local Burlington County HVAC company to get your ducts cleaned. Periodic duct cleanings will not only improve your home’s air quality but will also give you substantial energy savings over time as well. Take a look at these three additional signs that it’s time to call Hutchinson for a professional duct cleaning of your house.

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An Apparent Growth of Mold

If you or a professional HVAC provider find verified mold growing in your home’s ductwork, this is a definite sign it’s time for a good cleaning and sanitization. Mold has been linked to many health issues such as respiratory problems, eye, throat, and even skin irritations. It is highly suggested to take care of a mold infestation as soon as possible to prevent these conditions from even happening.

Signs of Rodent of Insect Infestation

Similar to if you notice mold growth in your ductwork, if you see apparent signs of a rodent or insect infestation, contact Hutchinson immediately. Rodents or bugs that set-up camp in ducts leave behind contaminants that can compromise your home’s indoor air quality by putting germs and bacteria into the air. Breathing this dirty air puts you and your family at high risk for multiple health issues.

Energy Bill Spikes

Month after month your energy bill increases, yet you haven’t changed your usage and haven’t noticed any mechanical problems with your unit, the culprit might be a clogged or leaking air duct system. This, in turn, will reduce the system’s efficiency causing the air conditioner to work extra hard to produce adequate cooling results. Schedule an appointment with one of our duct cleaning specialists at Hutchinson, and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue right away.

A professional duct cleaning performed by Hutchinson, an air conditioner company serving Burlington County, makes a huge difference when it comes to your family’s health and saving money. Schedule your full duct cleaning today by dialing 866-953-8728.